Acts of Volition


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Peter Rukavina -

Via ssh tunnel I get to this state.

I'm still not sure I understand the point, but it worked, and seems simple enough to use, both for uploading music and for playing it.

Peter Rukavina -

What's even more interesting is that after signing in and setting up a Google Music account via an SSH proxy in the U.S., I can now, after turning off the proxy and connecting directly, still access Google Music from Canada.

It's like the door to the house is only open to Americans, but if you can manage to get in the door, once you're there, you can set down in the living room and listen to the music.

Peter Rukavina -

(However the actual music store is not available once I go through this proxy-no-proxy dance).

Gisela -

Why is google music service so simple?

Raiko -

Where can I find Google Music in Germany?