Acts of Volition


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Paul Kim -

Please share your favorites when you're done Steven! (Preferably before 2011 -- time waits for no man and all that.)

Steven Garrity -

Paul: I do plan to write about each month/album as I go. Now to find an album for February.

Isaac Grant -

I've had very similar thoughts about my music consumption over the past couple of years. I too miss knowing individual pieces of music (well, albums) as well I used to.

I challenge you to pick something outside your comfort norms as one of your months picks. Nothing drastic like Norwegian Death Metal, but something to mimic the old process of buying a cd/tape/etc based on review/recommendation, and immediately being disappointed by it.

Only to force yourself to listen to it again and again (since you only have 12 or whatever musical choices), and realize, with time, that you really like the music (or maybe you've just brainwashed yourself).

But giving music that doesn't immediately hit a pleasure note is a skill we've lost as well. Some of my now all time favourite albums followed that very process.

Steven Perry -

Dan Mangan is amazing! I hope he plays Charlottetown sometime.

Keith -

Despite having access to literally thousands of albums, I've somehow continued my early practice of selecting and essentially "wearing out" a single album before moving on to another. In doing so, I've somehow managed to begin with classical music, pass through the golden oldies of the 50's, and wind up on German death metal. I'm not sure how that happened.

Stephen McQuaid -

I've felt the same way about music for a while now. I find it so hard to be able to sit with, connect to, and fully absorb an album the way I used to. Some suggestions for future ones:

For a pretty sure bet... but a good chance you already have it:

Dave Marsh - The True Love Rules
Fantastic album. Very Atl. Cdn. (comme Sloan, Super Friendz, Plaskett, etc), familiar, and reminiscent of stuff like classic Bowie, Costello, and Lou Reed.

For a different style:

Alex Cuba - Agua del Pozo
A great listen, and since I understand almost none of the Spanish, a perfect album to listen to while working. I don't find it so distracting. The Buena Vista Social Club album would be great for you in this way, too, if you've never listened to the whole thing.

John Slater -

Great idea - I've often felt the same way about the availability of digital music. Too much of a good thing, maybe?

Are you planning on trying out recent releases each month, or do lost classics count too?

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joe -

Steve you have missed out being to young for Vinyl, the excitment of getting a Clash LP or The Jam, pure heaven

Mike stephen -

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