Acts of Volition


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Tony -

Yuck. That sort of thing really gets up my nose too.

I know you've opted out, but perhaps switching to something like OpenDNS would be worthwhile. It provides some of the "benefits" they offer, minus the commercial slant, plus all the advantages of using their network for DNS lookups independently of your ISP. It's free too, incidentally.

MrCorey -

Looks like they're trying to follow Rogers lead. They've been doing that for about a year. You're opted out for as long as you leave the cookie on your drive. I've thought about hosting my own DNS right on my PC to ensure that I've gotten past it.

Chuck McKinnon -

Tony beat me to it, but I second OpenDNS. I switched to them over a year ago and it's been great. They have a similar search results page to Aliant (it's how they make money), but it only displays when they can't correct the typo. It definitely has more of a "don't be evil" vibe.

Chuck McKinnon -

Eeep... Eastlink, I mean. Didn't intend to slander Aliant.

Eriko -

So is there something in the config that you can delete to stop it from taking over my address bar search?