Acts of Volition


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MrCorey -

Don't be taking the fun out of it all, now!

Andreas Nilsson -

It would be boring of course!

Paige -

You'd be increasing the respect that you receive from the people who read your emails!

Steven Garrity -

Paige - you’ve shamed me with your simple truth. It would also be a display of respect for the recipients. I was just being clever - now I feel like jerk.

Lauren Reagan -

Amazing, the difference between the sexes in so many ways, it's all good though. LOL
Lauren Reagan

Jonas -

i never Proofread it.
but for me is okay.
Proofread it is boring.

Jack -

But "Proofread it" first can help you getting away from any mistakes.

Johann -

I noticed my emails starting to make more sense when I actually read what I replied to.