Acts of Volition


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Andy Baio -

Funny, I never knew. Thanks.

Bryan Thatcher -

and I just thought he was famous for Andre the Giant stickers!

Andy Fitz -

Can't wait to see the photo he based THAT design off ;-)

Robert Accettura -

Wow, never knew that, and I thought I knew most of the name/logo trivia. Cool.

DJ -

thats pretty awesome! yay for Mozilla!

Gordon P. Hemsley -

So I've been walking around with his work on my shirt all this time? Cool!

Carlo Carmagnini -

I've always appreciated his work for Mozilla; his logos, banners, shirts were really great. That style remembering '30/40s russian poster art was astonishing and "very geek". I was disappointed when they disappeared being substituted with the current ones.
Just look at the current mozilla shop shirts, would you buy them? They feel anonymous. I would prefer the "hack" one.

LouCypher -

Wow! This is new to me

KeeKee -

That's what I love about your site, I learn something new every time I drop by!!!

tom -

He's quite a talented artist! His artwork is simple yet powerful.

Bunn -

That's a pretty cool fact. I wonder if he thought the Obama picture would ever become as popular as it has...its everywhere now.

Stephen -

That is such an iconic picture these days, and even more than a year after his election that picture is still everywhere. Mozilla rocks!

Brandon -

I am a huge fan of Mozilla, but not that big a fan of President Obama. With that said I still get a weird feeling looking at his Obama work. It is something almost magical, and resembles how people initially felt about him. Anyhow, I like the art work.

chris -

Obama is a great president and the campaign poster is awesome. Just wish Shep hadn't used someone else's photo for it. Fair use, maybe, but I prefer complete originality.