Acts of Volition


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Martins -

I am not sure, how much semantically it is better. X can be seen as eXit. Multiplication is strange here.

But I agree that it looks much better as close symbol.

Laszlo Pandy -

It probably is much better, but using Firefox 3.5, Chrome or IE7 on Windows XP doesn't show the multiplication symbol. It doesn't have the apropriate font I guess, and it shows a box instead.

If you want compatibility I guess you better stick with the 'x'.

Steven Garrity -

Martins: As I stated in the original post, It’s certainly not any better, semantically.

Laszlo: Works on XP here for me - might depend on font updates that come with later service packs or Office. Regardless, it's often used rendered in anyhow.

nikin -

It works on Linux here, but i stil think that using a character instead of a 2 color lets say gif is not much of an advantage in my view. And font scaling can mess it up hard. :D Using full page scaleing will produce better results. But it will pix up any other image on the site anyway.

Rachel Reveley -

I think the author's intention which seems to be missed in the above comments is that the X should be rendered as an image. This would be the best way using CSS image replacement on a text-link with the words close window in the link text. Then you do not have to consider the semantics of such usage.