Acts of Volition


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Catherine Taylor -

Great session, as ever! :) I think you missed out Metric from the track notes, though...

Steven Garrity -

Thanks Catherine - fixed.

James Wheare -

The mp3 link in the blockquote is for session 32.

Steven Garrity -

Thanks James - sorry about that. Serves me right for hastily writing up the show notes while on vacation.

Tony Park -

Great to see another session out Steven - I always look forward to them. And even though I haven't listened yet, it's even better to see you finish with 'Miasmal Smoke...', definitely one of my favourite album closers in a long, long time.

Incidentally, I think you missed a word off the end of your opening sentence.

Geof F. Morris -

Another great AoVR session, which is all I expect from you, kind sir. You even got me to start my own similarly-themed podcast.

Brandon -

This was excellent. Thanks!

Jonathan -

Listening again tonight - Metric rocks. Checked out acoustic version on youtube. Found they'll be hear soon.

Can't wait for next AOV session.


Jim -

Great session cool to see Elbow getting recognition now after years of slog!

David -

Thanks for yet another excellent session...I've heard all those you've published and have greatly enjoyed them. It's a shame to see that over a year has passed without a new one though...please don't give up on them as they've given pleasure to a great many people and are much appreciated and much missed.

Steven Garrity -

Thanks David (et. al.). AoV Radio isn't dead, it's just been a busy year (new house, new baby). I have a track-list compiled - just need a free evening. That should happen sometime between now and 2012.

Jennifer -

Great session (although it is already a bit older). I listended to first time to it in May 2010 and just listened again. Especially like the tracks from Elbow and U2 :-).