Acts of Volition


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Xan -

Excellent as always, thanks!

jc_Seattle -

Can't wait to listen!! Thanks.

Sergio Umlauf -


SnowMan -

Hey homie! Good article. In case you didn't know, Afro-Squad is back at

Tony -

Really enjoyable, as always. Thanks Steven.

Des MacDonald -

Missed hearing any sessions from you in a while but understandable with the new baby!
Not so sure about that date though and I was almost confused when I was listening but you did say it was Gordie Sampson who played the song called "Davie Jones" right?
Good work though! Keep them coming.

Michael Gauthier -

"Lovely Allen" is one I've loved on Good pick.

Jason -

"Davie Jones" has been played 39 times on my iTunes. Great song Thanks. Now to number 40...

Rob Campbell -

I listened to this on the flight back from San Francisco this weekend and thoroughly enjoyed it. The excellent Davie Jones by Gordie Sampson and the '59 Sound from The Gaslight Anthem were real treats. (oh, and note that you've got the artist / title flipped for Davie Jones in your list up there)

worth the wait!

Steven Garrity -

Glad you enjoyed it Rob - that can be a long flight. I fixed the Davie/Gordie mixup too. Des, now I get your comment! Thanks.

Jason B -

Thanks again for another great podcast, Steven! I REALLY enjoyed Davey Jones by Gordie Sampson so I checked out a few more of his songs online and I can't wait to get my hands on his latest album. This guy is a songwriting genius!