Acts of Volition


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Daniel Burka -

Despite having once been a member of a terribly ska band, thanks for the suggestion. That show is great. Mmmmm, the Raveonettes! Have you seen their fantastic Black/White video?

Steven Garrity -

Daniel, I had considered insulting your band of olde in my post, I'm glad you did it yourself. Now I get to enjoy your shame without being a jerk (right?). Also, that Raveonettes video is great.

Sandra Knullkompis -

I completely agree with you on this one!

Zauberer Ilgen -

Funny enough that Daniel said that himself! But it's a start to admit that ;-)

Zauberer München

Magic Dave -

I agree, too. I like ska music, too and hope it comes more popular in the future. Greets from a Zauberer from germany.

Zauberer & Zauberkuenstler aus Wiesbaden and the Zauberer-Verzeichnis

Alleinunterhalter -

Hi everybody,
as an Alleinunterhalter and one man music- comedy entertainer I had to learn insulting people. And I gotta admitt: It IS FUN. Yet - the art of comedy is, to rehabilitate the "victims" after all.



David Lave -

I've seen the video on youtube, like with well-. Zauberer

Reema -

Just leave your brain in the back seat and enjoy the show. This is the best way to draw the complete juice from the romantic comedy like this one. It is really fun Ska.

Birgit Busch -

No matter how the music or Comedy or art is - the main thing is you can switch off and relax...Best Regards from munich.

Lauftreff -

This music is awesome. I like to listen to it while I run longer distances.