Acts of Volition


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Tim Gerard Garrity -

I would like to leave a comment but I am busy checking my e-mail on my BlackBerry.

Pat Garrity -

I find I do the whole inappropriate-and-annoying-use-of-technology thing with my laptop if I'm not careful. Nothing ends a conversation like checking one's Facebook.

Chuck McKinnon -

We also have no cable TV, and for the same reason: we don't want the temptation. We also don't want to have to continuously decide what's appropriate for our kids to watch, nor to constantly deny their requests for things advertisers are certain they should have. is a nice alternative. We like watching movies, but Zip puts us in control instead of leaving us at the mercy of broadcasters.

MrCorey -

I know what you mean. I have two co-workers who have given in to the temptation. They're not worth having a conversation with now. Good on you.

Steven -

Someone should make a t-shirt that says "Please turn off your mobile phone before interacting with me."

Nothing is worse than having someone send a quick text message while listening to you speak.