Acts of Volition


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MrCorey -

Great stuff! I've always loved the name.

Charlie -

Congrats on 10 Steve!

Rob Lantz -

Congratulations Steve. That's a big milestone that should be celebrated. Fireworks at 84 Fitzroy tonight?

Rob Campbell -

congrats guys! Happy (belated) birthday!

Paul Kim -

Y'all are mighty spry for decadenarians. Must be the island air.

Catherine Lewis -

Congratulations Steven! Very impressive... I think of you guys often when I open a new firefox window...

Jakub Steiner -

Congratulations. Didn't realise how much of an old fart club SI was ;)

Bunn -

Congratulations that is awesome!! I hope one day I will know what that feeling is like. 10 years is a heck of a long time, especially if you think about all the things that have happened between 1999 and now. Again, congrats!!