Acts of Volition


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Mary Fioratti -

How long do you think it will be before they release a 4.0 version?

Paul Kim -

Thanks for the support, Steven. It's been an excellent ride, together. Onward to 4!

dave -

Firefox outperforms any browser I have used. I have become so attached to its versatility that I have even found myself downloading it onto computers that I hope on, which are only supporting IE. Firefox has challenged my expectations and continues to impress me. They are the true standard for open-source. I would have loved to have been apart of such an innovative project. great post

Robert -

Thank you for the support. It's great to see the development of firefox. I hope we don't have to fight against the IE-problems in some years.

Proxy -

nice article.
i love firefox very much.
because firefox is fast and easy to use.

Jonas -

yes, in my opinion firefox is the best browser in the world.

Dellbattery -

Firefox is friendly in interface.For me,I prefer Firefox to IE.