Acts of Volition


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Mark Wubben -

Hej Steven, thanks for another great show. Unfortunately the MP3 is acting rather weird. iTunes thinks it's 2h50 long, and has internal loopbacks of some sort to fill the time. Hearing Buck 65 again kinda tipped me off.

Converting the MP3 to AAC fixed it, but it'd be great if you could put up a different MP3 file :)

Steven Garrity -

Thanks Mark, I'm seeing the same problem. I've been thinking about replacing the MP3 with an AAC/M4A file anyhow, so I've gone ahead and done that.

Thanks again for the bug report.

Jason -

I like Tessellate. I like what the Tokyo Police Club are doing. Unfortunately it's been killed for me due to Edge 102 here in Toronto. Everytime they latch onto a good song, they play the crap out of it. I wouldn't be surprised if it was more than 10 times a day.

Michael -

Would be nice if you could increase the podcast feed to list all of the shows. iTunes makes it impossible to add old shows manually to the podcast list.

Steven Garrity -

Good idea Michael - fixed.

Mark M -


You certainly represented Atlantic Canada very well with this list, all very great tunes from amazing artists. If you ever have a chance to check out Hey Rosetta live, be sure to do so, incredible energy.

If you think Buck65's performance at the ECMA's was amazing, then you should check out his performance with Symphony Nova Scotia. This was produced in part with CBC Radio 2 so you can listen live on their site.