Acts of Volition


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Carolyn Peters -

Love the list- I laughed out loud! I really enjoyed that all farts are blamed on the babies... you were off the hook for a whole month!


Nanna and Grampa Garrity -

I can be accused of being biased but--
Anna Maureen Garrity is the cutest by far of all ... she is sooo bright -- speaks four languages - English, French, Greek and Latin ! and does the NY Times crossword pretty easily

Anna is a real butavieka that's mushroom in bad Lithuanian
and we wish her and parents and the whole world, enough

Andrew Magerman -

I have just had a son and I couldn't agree more - "our baby was totally the best one". Seconded!

Jakub Steiner -

As far as I know breast pumps ARE torture devices, created to stress the mother at the rare moments when the baby is asleep.

Sally -

Re your observation: "Everything is disposable. Even the disposable utensils come in disposable plastic wrap. At least I won’t get bird flu on my spork."

I hate to burst your bubble, but decades ago I heard from a social worker who had just visited a facility where mentally challenged individuals worked -- and hooray that they had jobs!!! -- packaging those plastics sporks and napkins into individually sealed packets. Like the rest of us, she had assumed the packets to be the ultimate in sanitation. But, she said, she'd never make THAT mistake again.

Unless those packets are carted off to a sterilizing machine? I'd like to think so. At any rate, I decided not to worry about germs on sporks. Still, I've never forgotten.

Alan -

Hey! Congratulations. I was in Maine for a week. Now I am not. I had two turkey dinners at the QE hospital/diner the day our first was born. All hospitals should have a secret family roadside diner hidden in its basement.

David -

Reading this causes laughter by me.
I'm from Germany and its the same here. Nothing different.

Greets from Zauberer München.