Acts of Volition


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Nick B -

Love it. Thanks.

Willem -

On OSX, as the PHP screenshot illustrates, it's a wonderful font, but it doesn't play well with XP's Cleartype:

The blur is quite extreme. I've never seen a font that ignores hinting this much.

Steven Garrity -

Willem, that PHP screenshot is actually from the terminal (Gnome Terminal) on Fedora 7 Linux.

You're right about the XP rendering. That is pretty blurry. At least it's open-source, so it might get better.

Jason -

Certainly an excellent font but it could stand for a little tweaking: 'a slashed zero and the position of the horizontal bar on the lower-case f dropped to stop the blurring at 9/10 points'. How handy that someone's done both things!

Garrett Murray -

Not too bad, but I still prefer Bistream. I've been using it for about a year and a half now and love it.

Charles Pritchett -

That's a nice font, I don't know how I'd deal without a slashed zero though. I've been using the Proggy series of fonts for a couple of years now and they've made using something like Courier all but impossible for me now.

I suppose it's more of a habit of what I'm used to looking at now more than anything else.

Sérgio Carvalho -

It's nice, but I still prefer my current font, ProggyClean:

You may want to take a look. It might not look so nice, but plays much better with small font sizes. It's very readable at 12pt with lots of info onscreen.

dan diemer -

"...thought the defaults..." should read "...though the defaults..."

sorry for the public correction.

TL -

I like Monaco for a programming font.

Mark Gibbins -

I've started working on hinting Inconsolata for TrueType/ClearType. No more blurry pants.

Get it here:

rotem -

fairly good, but I still prefer Bistream but worth trying

Nick Bridge -

I can't get the OpenType version of the font to import into Hummingbird Exceed. Anyone managed this, or know why?

DG -

Have downloaded this font from 2 sources-both refuse to install-50% installation then message font file may be damaged.

Neel -

Please...... can anyone tell me if there's a modified version for windows?

This font looks all washed-out on XP..... maybe someone changed it to look better in windows?

Mike Steel -

Many thanks for the information about the freely available fonts, i read your blog every week and find interesting informations!

Neel -

Found it !! Inconsolata - Properly Hinted for Windows

This is a ttf file that looks a lot better than the original Inconsolata on my XP machine.

Uninstall the original one before installing this.

Codeur -

The previously mentioned hinted inconsolata had hinting problems with odd sizes and for bold. A correctly hinted Inconsolata ttf has now been uploaded by Dave Crossland to the Google font repository:

The new font works well for me at all sizes and formats with Cleartype under XP.

Neel -

Thank U, Codeur !!! The version you pointed to works superb on my XP machine.

One point, though -- I had to install Mercurial to download the font from Google font repository. Does anyone know of a better way?

Codeur -

Neel, I realised later that there is an easier way to access the Google font repository.
For all fonts, go to You can examine and download the fonts from there.
To download Inconsolata hinted without installing mercurial, use .