Acts of Volition


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Geof F. Morris -

I'm fighting iTunes to grab this through its podcast interface, but while waiting on that, I'll ask ... why go with "1234" over something else off of <i>The Reminder</i> like, say, "Sealion" that's just as catchy but not as well-known?

Seeing Leslie on 20 November in Louisville. Gotta work on my stealth bootlegging rig between now and then, 'cause while she's great about this, the venue's not.

Steven Garrity -

Good question Geof. I figured that though a lot of people had heard the song as a 30 second TV ad, but a much smaller number would have actually heard it as a song - from start to a finish, without any iPods flying around.

You have to admit, though, it is a great song.

Also, I put the wrong URL in the RSS/Podcast feed, which probably confused iTunes. Should be fixed now.

Dave Hyndman -

Hey, where's My Morning Jacket's cover of Rocket Man?

Geof F. Morris -

There's no doubt that it's a hell of a song. Hey, it's a hell of an album, one I'd be buying after this AoV session if I didn't already own it.

There are some solid Feist bootlegs out there on the Internets; I'm happy to point you to them if you'd like.

des macdonald -

Looking forward to a year in review session from you Steven if you get around to it (being such a busy time of year). I've just finished my top 40 of the year list and now just got to put the show together for New Year's Eve.

David -

Thanks a lot for this post. Silversun Pickup and Wintersleep are really cool. Greets from Zauberer Freiburg