Acts of Volition


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PatrickQG -

The Sony Bravia LCD ad, available for download. Not many companies have ads that people love that much.

There's actually a second one, filmed in the UK, with paint.

Great to have a another session - I just subscribed again in iTunes. Somehow somewhere after #19 it'd dropped off my radar... oh well, back on board.

Alex Polvi -

Is it just me ... or does Heartbeats get played twice?

Steven Garrity -

Alex, I think you're right. Weird - I'll see if I can get that sorted out - thanks.

Jorge Gomez -

Steven, while you're at it, please check the voice level on the ogg version. I had to turn the volume way up to hear you talk. The volume level for the songs is fine, though.

Levi -

Awesome stuff! I'm glad you picked up on Fair. Aaron Sprikle is a musical stud.

Steven Garrity -

Thanks for the feedback. I've update this session with a better mix. This version fixes the double copy of Heartbeats and increases the levels on the voice a bit.

Tim Poundstone -

Since you discussed discovering new music via TV (a much more likely scenario today then ever before!) twice on this session I was wondering if you had ever run across this very helpful site...TuneFind?
Thanks for the show!

Geof F. Morris -

Another fine session, Steven. Thanks for introducing me to The Delgados, Enigk, and Mays. My Amazon wishlist is now appropriately stocked for my next infusion of disposible income. :)

Stuart Li -

Man, you're just getting better and better at this. Awesome session.
Did you get my email? I emailed you Quiet Inside and a Damien Rice's song.

Jason -

Thanks again for the great tunes, Steven! I have to agree with Jorge: I can barely hear you talking in the Ogg version. I'm just glad you publish the playlist so I can tell who I'm listening to. ;-)

Tabiji -

That cover of "Heartbeats" is atrocious.