Acts of Volition


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Ryan Parman -

hehe. this is absolutely true for my wife and i.

Ryan Parman -

Whoops! I can't read. Please remove my email address from my last comment. Sorry. :x

Isaac Grant -

Also, being cool with you buying US$1,300 dollar guitar.

Steven Garrity -

Isaac: the key to that aspect of marriage is to marry a musician who's instrument is more expensive than yours. I went with a pianist myself.

Maybe I should write a book...

Adam Brault -

Ha ha... I actually know this to be true of some of the strongest marriages I know.

Thankfully, it's also true for mine!

Ellen -

What could possibly be wrong with spending US$1,300 on a guitar? Haha, yeah, jen's a pretty cool chick, naturally.

Glitters -

heh good point