Acts of Volition


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Danny -


As always, awesome set!! I was particularly blown away by the Matthew Sweet tune. You've sold another album for him. I guess it is true, less is more man. I've seen IM's flying about between my friends tonight: "dude, there is a new AOV!" You rock the house mate!


Signed Bruise -

I really think you should check some of these MP3s. They're by a net label named Molikini. It's extremely catchy stuff.

Jorge Gomez -

Steven, isn't there an ogg vorbis feed? (and if there isn't, why not? ;)

Steven Garrity -

Jorge, the way I have my weblog setup, it's not easy to have more than one podcast feed. I figured more podcast users would be able to use MP3, so I went with that. Hopefully I'll have a better setup at some point.

Jason -

Looks like someone got a faster Internet connection! ;-) Can't wait to listen. Thanks, Steven!

Mandy -

Another great session keep on doing what you do.

Ben -

For what it's worth, Explosions in the Sky have four songs featured in the "Friday Night Lights" movie, including your <i>Hand in Mine</i>. The movie was outstanding and did an incredible job of incorporating music.


Another great AOV session, Steven. Thanks.

About time I start sharing back: Check out these artists (if you haven't yet)
Andrew Bird - Plasticites<br>

Donovan Frankenretier - It don't matter

Doug -

Hi Steven, Explosions in the Sky, nice track, I'll have too look into them. Very similar mood to a couple tracks that I've heard from

The Swords Project

and one of the best band named ever, Godspeed You Black Emperor.

Also worth checking out for really nice instrumental soundscapes is The Sea.

Geof F. Morris -

I'm quite late to Session 28, but as always, a great selection of music, even if I don't dig all of it. :D

You suckered me into the Matthew Sweet, man.