Acts of Volition


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josue salazar -

Great episode, as usual.

Anonymous Coward -

downloading now! can't hardly wait!

Curtis -

Do you ever plan on finishing gnome outliner?


Are the files mirrored somewhere? 3 days after you published, it's still darn hard/slow to download it... Europe here.

Ross Macdonald -

Love the Josh Radin song. Good ears, Steve.

Rob Drimmie -

In discussing Joel Plaskett, you mention Zellers and aren't sure about its Canadianship. In the interests of completeness:

Zellers is the low-end/discount retail arm of the Hudson's Bay Corporation, and so far only has stores in Canada. HBC was, in the past year, bought by an American but I believe continues to operate exclusively in Canada.

AJ -

Oregon is pronounced 'or-e-gun', not 'or-e-gone'. Just saying.


Wyatt -

Steven, have I ever mentioned how much I love AOV Radio? I always look forward to a new session because I've been listening since session 19 and every time I've been introduced to at least one artist that I simply love. Thank you so much for producing these, and who the hell cares how often these come out, quality of quantity.

19. Snow Patrol, Bright Eyes
20. Decendents, Rancid
21. Pilate
22. Mew, MxPx, Doves
23. Fountains of Wayne, The New Pornographers, Nada Surf, Death Cab For Cutie
24. Imogen Heap
25. Joel Plaskett
26. The Thermals

dietrich -

Great show Steven. PS: Go see The Thermals if they ever come to PEI!

Stu -

Joshua Radin's been one of my fav artists for a while. There's a album of his called We Were Here. Basically all the songs are good.

There's a new artist called Cheyenne Medders, his first album came out this year called Carry Us Away. His voice is a little bit hoarse and he's a really good guitar player. I recommend it to you.

Btw, I emailed you Quiet Inside of Andy Tubman and a song of Damien Rice's which I forgot what it is, did you get it?