Acts of Volition


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Socrates -

I've been wondering this and maybe I'll get a good answer here.

Why shouldn't I use Gran Paradiso Alpha 1?

It says there's not really new features, so does that mean there's not really new bugs? Sounds like the only difference is the new GRE ... are there still bugs in the new GRE that could harm my browsing experience?



Garn Paradiso Alpha 1 is buggy. For example, it crashes, when you press [Close] button in "Print Preview" window.
It is ALPHA release (not for users, but for developers only). So, better use Firefox 2.0 for now. :)

Alex -

Cool we now have anti-aliasing in FF.
This can lead to some bigger cool improvements in the future.

Dog training -

Very interesting... as always! Cheers from -Switzerland-.

anthony -

Firefox has supported an experimental CSS technique for rounding border corners (-moz-border-radius). The rendering engine in Firefox 2 does a barely acceptable job with this, though the rounded corners don’t appear to be uniformly sized, nor are they anti-aliased. Cairo, which drives the rendering engine in Firefox 3, does a much better job at handling the rounded corners, and the results are quite nice.
As such, I’m offering some ‘eye-candy’ to those users who visit this site with either Minefield or a Firefox 3 beta build. Those users will now note that code blocks (pre elements), as well as comment blocks, have nicely rounded edges. The end result looks great, and I hope you agree.
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