Acts of Volition


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Kevin -

In the vein of your show (which was really proto-podcast, wasn't it?), there's - all mashups, but it's clear the guy loves his mashups. Always fun and interesting stuff.

Steven Garrity -

Kevin: yeah, I think Acts of Volition Radio sessions were flowing before the term "podcasting" came around. I don't often mention that though, because it's hard to say it without sounding like an "I-was-cool-before-you-knew-what-cool-was" kind-of person.

You know the type - they're always ready to tell you that the things Alanis' songs weren't "technically" ironic.

Kevin -

well, you'll always be "first" to me... and I love Acts of Volition Radio (which I should have said earlier). Keep it up! Between you and the CBC Radio 3 podcast (which is also really good, although bordering on too "professional" for me), I'm now a huge fan of Canadian rock.

Dan Diemer -

Thats really interesting cause I was gonna email you and ask you if you had gotten any cease and desist type stuff...but now I don't have to.

Konstantinos -

True, I think AoV Radio was the first [insert that term nobody likes here] I've encountered.

Also, Steven two spelling mistakes I've spotted, in case you want to fix them to keep the AoV editor happy:
- in the "Will podcasting last?" section, third sentence in your reply: "I left the same way", instead of "felt", I guess.
- final sentence in your post, "I'll post" instead of the current "I' post".

Steven Garrity -

The article has been published. It will be in print tomorrow (Thursday), but it's online now: The Podcast as a New Podium by Virgina Heffernan of the New York Times.

There's only a brief mention of me (and how I don't own an iPod) - but the article does a good job of describing the medium.

If the NYTimes site asks for a login, use BugMeNot.

Adam -

Sweet! I'm a dude!

But seriously, thanks again for the kind words. I, like you, just enjoy making the show and sharing my music favorites with whoever would like to listen in.

I do appreciate the insight of particularly enjoying the stories along with the music. For me, there's almost always a story that goes with each song. I'll have to be sure to include those as often as I can.

Great post. And it's odd that you mention the doing (ugh) podcasting before it was called podcasting, as I'm in that same boat as well. It actually took me quite a while to realize this was springing up everywhere. I guess the Internet is, indeed, like the old "hundredth monkey" illustration.

Gary Cook -

Hi Stephen.

Just to let you know that myself and a few friends are loving Acts of Volition Radio. It's straight on the iPod for the cycle ride home through London in the evening. Crazy times here at the moment, we need a sane voice out there in the ether!

Keep up the good work.

(Check out The Frames sometime if you haven't already)