Acts of Volition


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Factory Joe -

I do think that the web causes a sort of group-think phenomenon... something like pooled thinking.

It's like all those stories of the genius inventions throughout time that happened in two places at the same time and by sheer luck, only one of the inventors ended up being credited with having the "original idea."

Steven, I had the exact same response you did upon finding Lessig's new book... the idea even came to me that I should take on such a project myself, but you took it to the next step and found someone else already engaged in the process. Fantastic.

So, the question that remains seems to me on par with the Matrix's flower vase scene: Was the idea to record an audio version of Lessig's book patently obvious and so would have been thought of anyway by a bunch of folks or did we collectively sense the need for it within the web community and come to the idea by shared intuition?

adam.b -

Steven, I've also been reading the new Lessig book and I would be more than happy to help record a chapter or two or three or whatever. And I'd be more than happy to help distribute it.

-- adam.b

adam.b -

And I win the award for not reading entire posts. Please ignore the hasty stupidity of my last post.