Acts of Volition


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Ian Williams -

Did you see that Dave Winer pulled the plug?
Apparently he's "an egomaniacal blowhard with his head in the clouds. So much for his vision of blogtopia."

Greg -

Ian: Have you bothered listening to this? I recommend you do. And -- unless yours was one of the sites taken offline, I fail to see what gives you the right to complain.

Steven: I'm guessing that by "Bloxom" you mean "Blosxom"? Not that it changes anything you said, which, if I may say, was said pretty well. Thanks for taking the time to post this.

David -

I found your post very interresting and I will probably come back to it the next time I try to make a homepage (have done pretty large stuff before...) for some inspiration. Thanks.

Ian -

I wasn't complaining about DW. I was quoting the Yahoo story.
I will say that he's a bit of a blowhard, having dealt with him in person, but he's earned the right to be as much of a blowhard as he wants to be.

Greg -

Ian: I see that now. Sorry for being a bit reactionary. No hard feelings. :-)

Thomas -

Anyone know of some good weblog software for middle-of-the-range web skill like myself? The software I have discovered is either *too* simple (eg Blogger) or way to complex for my skills (eg Typepad, etc).