Acts of Volition


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Daniel -

Sweet. I almost forgot about Crash Test Dummies, but as soon as the Stephen Malkmus song came on, I thought of them, then you said their name and played one of their songs... It made me soo happy :)

jumper_saul -

Great set. It got me going for a gloomy Monday morning. I'm really digging Pedro the Lion. BTW, the song list order for perdro and sloan should be reversed. I've listened to all the radio sessions and this is my first post. Don't forget to vote today everyone!

adam.b -

That whole Stephen Malkmus album is awesome! Thanks for another great set.

Joe Schmoe -

Is there a way to fast-forward past the inane blather?

Matt -

Awesome session, you do a really good job with these little radio things, I've started to download all of yours. I've gotten through sessions 11->8 so far, all very well done. Keep it up.