Acts of Volition


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Andy Collier -

Metric rocks!! I got Old World Underground for Christmas, it's almost worn out!

Jason Alward -

Agreed Andy. I first saw Metric on the Wedge on Much Music. Whenever I can (hard to do since it's on Saturday at 12:00 a.m.) I watch this program for new indie acts. I saw Metric one night and was instantly hooked. Needless to say I got the CD. Other good songs on this great work are Old World Underground, Wet Blanket and Dead Disco.

But as I said....great CD all together

Jason Brinkle -

Listening to it right now - currently on Superhero. I think we have very similar tastes in music, and I really look forward to more sessions. Anyway, I am incredibly anal and I noticed that your original post for Session Six says "Session Five Playlist:". I'm guessing it should say "Session Six Playlist:"? Sorry if that bugs you, but from reading your post about XP (which I linked to from the Gnome post, which I got from /.) I can guess you are a little anal yourself. ;-)

Steven Garrity -

Thanks all. Jason, I fixed the session five/six typo - thanks.

Steven Perry -

Just noticed a little typo. That Counting Crows should be "Angels of the Silences" not "Angles of the Silences."

nathan -

That reminds me of a story I heard from the Burka's. A friend of theirs was working at the movie theater and mistakingly put "City of Angles" up on the big sign.

Andy Mac -

Great selection Steven, I must agree with your comments about Daniel Lanois - it's a lovely album, they've been giving it a lot of airplay on BBC Radio London over the last few weeks.

Matthew Sweet though, the first few bars reminded me somewhat of Toto's Rosanna. Now that's not on at all.

Mike M -

Another good session, Steven.

On the subject of CDs that we've bought after hearing AOVR, I had The Darkness' "I Believe in a Thing Called Love" in my head for a week or two after Session 1 (IIRC).

I broke down and ordered Permission to Land a couple of weeks ago and it's great.

The Valrus -

I applaud your decision to include Dar Williams.

Spo0nman -

Well i got the link from slashdot and man! was I happy that
I clicked it. I'v downloaded all six shows and I think I like
the third one the best and I am completly blown by strawberry,
eyes for telescopes,the rude mechanicals great stuff!

I hope you do more shows on inde-bands.


Gobi M -

Thanks, Steve. Ten great songs indeed.

p.s. Hate to see SNTR quit.

joe mcgill -

I agree that Sixpence doesn't suck. They played at my college last spring and absolutely blew me away. They are so polished and melancholy and make it look so easy.

Eby -

Nice playlist indeed. A lot I haven't heard before. For those that like Metric, I recommend the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, especially the single "Y Control". Both hit my local college station at about the same time and have similar sounds.

Christian Dalager -

Acts of Volition Radio is a fantastic dish washing companion!

And I'm gonna do some heavy AOVR promotion here in Copenhagen, Denmark :-)

This is my favorite session so far.

Mark -

My amazon wish list grows longer after listening to of your sessions. I'm going to go broke :)

I now have the Weakerthans, Apollo Sunshine, Metric and Clem Snide on my list of discs to buy. If I ever find a copy of Sandbox's albums, I'll grab those as well.

Keep up the good work!

Lloyd -

Kudos for including Garrison Starr - haven't heard this song in y ears! Just caught on to Acts of Volition - keep it up!

Ian -

Just ordered the new Daniel Lanois album. His first album, Acadie, is one of my favourites. Not on iTunes yet.

Might just have to snip out that Dar Williams track. Not on iTunes (again) and the Badlands album as a whole was pretty poorly received. I loved Nebraska so I really don't want to spoil the experience.