Acts of Volition


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Steve Jobs -

Looking at your 'conditions', its no wonder that you're still 'looking for' Quality Design Help.

Steven Garrity -

Under-promise and over-deliver - something you should know a bit about, Steve ;-)

an Anonymous Coward -

I think Steve want's one of your jobs.

Seriously, I wish I was qualified to help.

Michael Summers -

I would like to put in my ap to apply for a seat on the team, while I do not have any online material right now, i will get some stuff up asap. Im currently in the middle of about four projects and the first i finish i will get up for viewing pleasure.

CyberGus -

Well, I think we can divide those task with a little art direction, right?

Red -

I might be interested in donating some time. I love Mozilla

Cicloid -

I would be glad to help, but i dont think i have the merits to deserve the position...

John Emerson -

I'm game. You can see my portfolio at

sara ivette fitta sanchez -

me interesa saber mas acerca del el tipo de trabajo que ofrecen y como les podre enviar mi carpeta de trabajo,etc.
soy diseñaora grafica

Roberto Jaton -

I participate in the creation of the interactiv group which is formed by graphic designers; programers and social comunicators,specially dedicated to the development of multimedia applications and internet:
Some works to mention: - -

robbie -

waht a f@#~@#~~ is this?
the best designer and no money...
please if you are a great stupid accept this offer.

[aside] -

Clearly the above is the product of a genius. Use of 'waht' alone is a compelling reason to bestow this title.


Teniendo en cuenta la oferta y las condiciones, ustedes necesitan gente que además:
? Reciba latigazos sin quejarse
? palos en las encias en lo posible sin sangrar
? astillas calientes de bambú entre las uñas
? y amplia disponibilidad horaria

masoquistas abstenerse...

Francisco Santiago Alvarez -

Necesito saber como les puedo enviar mi carpeta de trabajo.

azro -

Entonces me mate toda una vida en aprender, estudiar, trabajar y que vale esto para ustedes? Hombre... respeten al menos, que a caballo regalado no se le mira el .......

Devy -

Me gustaria saber porque critican siempre sin saber si hay algo benefico de por medio

Jamey Bojé -

I am a highly motivated experienced professional freelance graphics designer.
portfolio sent to blake at cs dot stanford dot edu and bart at decrem dot com.
Thank you in advance Jamey Bojé

varun v. hegde -

i am in 2nd year computer engineer from mumbai university. i have the knowledge of core java,"c" & "c++".