Acts of Volition


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Gabriel Mihalache -

Backing-up your XML configuration files is the way to go. (or your Windows Profile on Windows). After a reinstall, I only have to copy&paste the config files.

Will -

You know Steve, before I ever met you in person I used to read your ideas on this weblog - ideas that made me think:

"This guy has a brilliant understanding of practical simplicity and how people use the technology."

This is one of those posts. Long live good defaults and the musings of S. Garrity, indeed.

Rob -

Is that creature the new generation of spam? Spamming blog comments? I've never seen such a beast...

Rob -

Ok, the spam comment has been erased. For the record there was a comment after Will's. I'm not teasing Will. :)

James Greenwood -

I agree to a certain point. The defaults are useful to the standard user; however, power users (as I like to think of myself) require customization and tweaking of any application. Actually, that's my opinion.