Acts of Volition


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Martin -

Seems like a lot of people are commenting on these new denims - giving Levis exactly what they want.

Truth is, there's no conclusive evidence either way to suggest that mobile phones are that dangerous.

Still, I suppose it gives you peace of mind if you happen to get caught unawares next to an x-ray machine.

Steven Garrity -

Martin - you're right, I did play right into Levis hand on this one. It is a publicity stunt - a gimick. However, I couldn't resist the opportunity to make a radioactive-groin graphic.

Remember reading an article on in bed one night. The article was about the debate about cell-phone safety and magnetic fields in general. The conclusion of the article was, no-one really knows, but at the least, don't put a laptop computer on your lap.

I looked down on my lap at my enormous and heavy Dell powerplant <i>lap</i>top.

I wonder if you can buy those lead aprons they have at the dentist? Then again, the lead may kill you too.

Matthew -

No question, I have never seen a finer radiactive-groin graphic.<br>
My laptop, err, notebook, came with documentation warning me not to use it on my lap. Them batteries gets mighty hot.

Stephen DesRoches -

I was going to comment on your mighty fine radiactive-groin graphic when I got home but Matthew beat me to it.

I don't know if I buy into this whole concept. It seems similar to trying to get people to fly based on their fears. The world is just poluted with activity in the air and everything can seem dangerous if we think about it hard enough. The microwave comment is funny because I now picture somebody cooking lunch with this huge welding mask down over their face

We can jam a phone into our safty pocket and think it is going to help but we are still going to take the phone and press it against our face when it rings.

a <i>lap</i>top that is bad for your thats a marketing tool

Nick Burka -

On one hand, this whole paranoia over the unknown and what harm it <i>might</i> cause is understandable. There is some historical fact to back it up, what with DDT and the like.

On the other hand, I prefer to look at it from the opposite point of view. Who's to say that the radiation from cell phones won't make me twice as strong? Similarly genetically modified foods might double my brain cells (insert brain cell jokes here). Maybe sitting in front of my laptop all day will quadruple the length of my eyesight. It's the "what doesn't kill me makes me stronger" outlook on life, and it sure makes things more interesting.

I'm going to gorge myself on GE vegetables, put two cell phones in each of my pockets, and sit 2 feet away from my TV. This should quickly get me on my way to becoming my new super-human self.

Stephen DesRoches -

We'll all be walking around as super heros

Alan -

Two points:

1. we know that $19.99 smoke detectors do have a small radioactive component yet appear comforted that somewhere in that amount is enought to shield me.

2. A pal of mine in his medical training assisted in a small fishing community which was, like many other small populations, showing medical evidence of generations of a small genetic pool. In this instance, however, the effect was increased intellegence. There was a massively high incidence of Rhodes scholars and no one from neighouring communities liked their dances as everyone just sat around and talked. It can happen.

Ryan Hillier -

Best. ALT. ever.

Matthew -

Now that I've got pants that fend off cell-phone radiation, I'd like a shirt that keeps my SUV from tipping over, and maybe some socks to that would prevent premature balding or erectile disfunction.<p>

Kamiko -

Looks more like we're getting ready for a nuclear war and trying to look good at the same time...I wonder what other ideas the fashion industry has next time (or this time)...

Matthew -

I don't think that's it exactly Kamiko, but I'd definitely buy pants that protected me from nuclear war. It'd be an easy sell too.<p>
"You like nuclear war?"<p>
"Uh, no, not much."<p>
"Well, I got pants what prevent that. Pants against nuclear war, see?"<p>

robin -

got here by mistake. really wanted to purchase a geiger counter. just to see if my blind friend would believe i had bought a dolphin.
but i think if a laptop has a warning not to keep on your lap, then someone should sue them for false advertisement, and for a laugh.
if anyone knows where to purchase a geiger counter in the uk then please post a response.
because this pool in my living room is really pising me off.