Acts of Volition


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Steven Garrity -

I'll get us started - Steven Garrity.

Metta Spencer -

How about putting the whole Northern Exposure series on DVD?

Marie Lynaugh -

I would love to see the whole Northern Exposure series on VHS and DVD.
Please make it available to buy.

Esther Shomper -

I would like to buy Northern Exposure on DVD.

Marie -

I will buy the entire Northern Exposure series on DVD when it is produced.

Rosanna -

I'd love to see the entire "Northern Exposure" series on DVD, and will also pledge to buy a copy. Already have all the eps available on laser disc and about half of the ones on VHS (unfortunately, they're mostly the same episodes), and my collection of complete home-recorded tapes from the original airings. But, DVD quality and convenience beat all these hands down. (I'm shopping for a DVD player now, in anticipation of the July 2 release of the "1776" Director's Cut.)

Madelyn Grossman -

I would also love to see the complete series of Northern Exposure on DVD and VHS.

Matthew Cloner -

I would definitely purchase an entire set of Northern Exposure if they were available on DVD. It's a lot cheaper than converting my existing collection of VHS analog tapes to DVD.

Daniel Burka -

I too would love to own the complete Northern Exposure series on DVD.

Peter Rukavina -

We, the undersigned, kindly request that you stop polluting the world with that inane show <I>Northern Exposure</I>: please stop syndicating it, selling it on VHS, and certainly <I>don't</I> release it on DVD. It's time for the series to die a quick and painless death.

Konstantinos -

(I thought they called it "Sex *and* the city".)

Alan -

While I have no real opinion on the substance of this petition, I recommend agreeing with most every demand made by Steven Garrity, a man of immense global power and, still, a true friend to the downtrodden. Style speaks from every move he makes. Evenings, he builds brass instruments as a hobby all of which he has shipped exclusively to outposts of the Salvation Army in the southern hemisphere. He speaks esperanto with wit and needs no guide to the subways of the world.

Steven Garrity -

Peter: You are a total party-pooper. Do you subscribe to the Hallmark Channel or something? We NX fans are content to enjoy our show in the privacy of our own homes - we won't chase you around and make you watch it or anything.

Konstantinos: Right you are (re: Sex <i>and</i> the City). Fixed - thanks.

Alan: You are a teller of the truth. Of all brass insturments, I love the French horn the most of all. Much respect.

Let the petition continue!

Nick Burka -

I just spent the evening reminiscing about Maurice Minnifield, Joel Fleishman, and the gang with two die hard Northern Exposure fans.

I'll definitely buy a copy.

Sílvia Colominas -

I´d really love and need to have all the episodes of Northern Exposure in DVD because it´s the best tv show ever made. It´s a classical that will last forever in our hearts and souls. Don´t say goodbye to Our Town, Folks!!! It´s still alive and it´ll always be.

Geoff Gibson -

Even though I had a bad Northern Exposure experience, I am always about "the cause". I add my name to the petition.

Seth Hancock -

I would love to have all of Northern Exposure on DVD!!! The tapes I recorded ages ago are failing, and I do not have the Hallmark channel. I NEED MY NORTHERN EXPOSURE DVD FIX!!! I'M GETTING THE SHAKES!!!

Wally -

I totally agree! They should bring the series out on DVD for all who wish to own it. And if,perhaps, the series comes out on DVD I will certainly buy it. It is one of my most favorite shows ever aired. I have several VHS copies of episodes and working on getting a few more. But all of them together would be much easier to aquire.

Guy Fleegman -

"Northern Exposure" was a wonderful television program with fine writing until the last half of the final season. The characters were memorable, and if they be deemed "quirky," then they were quirky in the best sense, not that forced irony-laden postmodern sense. Please release the tales of Fleischman and O'Connell on DVD.

Nancy Metcalf -

Please release every last episode of Northern Exposure on DVD. A&E took it off the air. I do not have the Hallmark Channel in Tallahassee. So I have to see the show somehow else.
If you make it available, I will buy it. DVD!

Geoff Owen -

How could I do anything but agree? Release NX on DVD. Today.

Oystein Mikkelsen -

Please release the complete NX series on DVD. I will buy 3 copies of each box set, if necessary.

Claire Robertson -

I have been wishing and hoping for Northern Exposure to be released on DVD for ages...

Brian O'Boyle -

I would definatley buy every episode of Northern Exposure if it was made available on DVD!

Jevon -

I will buy and then return as many Northern Exposure DVD Sets as possible if they are released. I will also make warrenty claims on dozens of sets.

Troy -

I cannot believe it is taking this long to produce a full series NX DVD set. I would buy them the day they are released.

Sunil Doshi -

The only place that Northern Exposure is currently available is on A&E at an ungodly hour in the morning. Please bring it to DVD!

Susanne Ingerson -

Count me in! I would love NX on DVD!

Rebecca Doshi -

Ed Chigliak would want it that way. Please put on DVD!

Chris Burrows -

I would definetely buy the lot if they were brought out on DVD. Go on, you know you want to!!!!!

Mike Petrick -

I would of my favorite tv shows should be on DVD..and would most definitly buy it!!

Pete -

I would buy it!!!!!!!!!

Matthew -

Conversation overheard in some DVD shack in the carlingwood Mall, Ottawa:<P>

Customer (male with female voice, no hair): <i>mumble, mumble</i> Red Dwarf tv series?<BR>
Clerk (pointing): Yup, over there.

Joshua Hagadorn -

Northern Exposure on DVD would make me one happy camper....

Cord Campbell -

Bring Northern Exposure to DVD with a special feature where you can input your own dialog and make marilyn talk when she usually just stares at Joel.

Shannon Mooney -

I'm shocked to find there are more than five other people who enjoy(ed) Northern Exposure. The only time I catch it anymore is at some ungodly hour, mostly preoccupied with fighting to keep my liquor-heavy eyelids from shutting.

Aaron Schaap -

Shoot dang man - i'll buy a set of Northern Exposure on DVD if you'll just let us buy it.

Steven Hamilton -

I'd love to see NX on DVD.

Andi Silvi -

I would run out and buy a Northern Expousre DVD set the day it came out.

John Rael -

Let me put it this way: On the day 9/11, two hours after I found out what happened, I was back watching the noon Hallmark broadcast of Northern Exposure. When the apocolypse comes I will be laughing at the sexual tension between Joel and Maggie

Lee Harper -

Northern Exposure is the greatest television show of all time. Please release a DVD boxset of the whole series, my videos are wearing out : )

Hanah Grace -

I would definitely buy the entire series of Northern Exposure on DVD or VHS, and some of my friends would as well!

Adam Mercer -


Melda -

ok, ok, i give.

except, oops, i just bought that beautiful digital camera today.

i will just have to settle for watching ffoeg's set i guess.

Brandt Baker -

I have money saved and am ready to spend when the complete Northern Exposure series is released on DVD!!!

Ernst Blofeld -

I would would part with my money this very instant if Northern Exposure DVD's were ready to sell.

Sabrina Bealer -

Please give us Northern Exposure on dvd!

HenryN -

I am committing to purchasing the entire series should Northern Exposure become available on DVD.

Tomaz -

I would die to get NX on DVD!!!

Jeff Boice -

The best TV show of all-time deserves to be on DVD! Make it happen.

Paul Connolly -

I and many friends would love to get Northern Exposure on DVD- C'mon Universal Playback!

Bernie Moore -

Northern Exposure is one of those TV productions that towers above the rest by virtue off its positive imaginative storey telling, the world needs more stuff like this and I would love to be able to buy it in order to relive the experience off seeing it the first time. Every body I know who saw it feels the same.
In the mean time I can recommend “Victorian Kitchen Garden” available from amazon UK it gives me the same kind of buzz although it’s a documentary check out Harry Dobson the head gardener.

Javi Loureiro -

I'll buy one for sure!


I, the over-signed, could care less if you release the entire NE collection on DVD unless this process somehow removes the show "Murder She Wrote" from the A&E line-up, in which spirit I sign (ed).

(A&E could do worse than to replace it with Northern Exposure, a fine show, but that is not of the highest importance. Pick something else: Hill Street Blues would also make a fine replacement, more Law & Order, whatever).

On the Western Coast of Canada, where I live, Murder She Wrote has a two-hour block of time every day, at least twice a day. Four hours a day.

I do not know a person here who smiles at that whistling theme music and the sight of Angela Landsbury on a bike going to solve crimes and tap away at her books. In her place I submit Janine Turner is an equally fine example of enduring American womanhood, not at all a tart, and you have to admit, would look much better on that bike than Angela Fucking Landsbury. So shit, whatever release Charles on Charge on Vinyl, whatever it takes to get rid of that show.

In closing: Whoever this petition finds—and from this chat room to God's ears— please, take my name on this (e) document as a plead for you to ask this question: does anyone need to say Murder She Wrote ever again?

PS--Maybe, if you know someone at A&E—you reader and decider on petitions— put two hours of NE on at once, right away. Okay? And Garrity could get his fix, leave it alone.

Arthur Loik -

If Northern Exposure was airing now instead of the early 90's, we wouldn't need this petition. Hell, half the people who write for the Sopranos (which is readily available on DVD)wrote for Northern Exposure. I've been dying (figuratively) to get the ENTIRE series on DVD. Please make it available. No need to sell me on it. It's a done deal.

Bob Justman -

Northern Exposure was 'dromedy' writing at it's best, a "Twin Peaks" child which turned out to be infinitely more accessable (and understandable) to viewers. Robin Green, Dian Frolov, Andrew Schneider, and David Chase all contributed stellar screenplays. I support a DVD release of the episodes. Hopefully, a corporate entity who can afford the Universal/MCA licensing fees will take this project under its wing and realize a small profit just for art's sake.

chad -

Northern Exposure will be remembered as one of the top three best television shows of all time -- mark my words. I'm all for the release of it on DVD. I'd buy it, and have several friends who would, too. Thanks.

Ram -

bring it on!!

Lein Shory -

Really glad to see there are so many others looking for Northern Exposure on DVD. Let's have it!

If you haven't already, you might want to go over to and let them know, too.

John Walker -

I came late to Northern Exposure, I have all the available VHS releases, but it's just not enough. I now live in Germany and have no desire to watch it dubbed. I hate that I missed whole seasons!! Please release everything. I'd buy before it came out.

PazuzuPrime -

Please release them please!!!!!!!!!!!

mike -

I would be estatic if Northern Exposure was offered on DVD.I purchased the videos that were offered a few years ago.Offer every Northern Exposure episode on DVD.

Tim F -

For the love God, release Northern Exposure on DVD already! I, and countless others, are drooling just thinking about it.


John M. Orr -

Oh Yeah. I'd buy Northern Exposure on DVD in a snap.

sammy hyatt -

I would definitely buy the entire series of Northern Exposure on DVD. It's a dream I hope to see fulfilled - I've been in withdrawls for years now and was quite upset when the Hallmark channel acquired the series, because my cable company doesn't carry it.

I am putting forth my pledge and have, as of this moment, already started to save money in the event that it happens!

Sheryl Tan -

I totally loved this series when I was younger and would LOVE to see it revived on dvd.

Shelley Reid -

DVD for the greatest television show of all time, NORTHERN EXPOSURE, now please!!

Tony Moran -

What a stupendous TV series. Release it on DVD now!

igor sisko -

Altough I have the whole series on VHS tapes, I would certainly buy it on DVD!
Regards from Croatia

Tricia Hill -

Put those babies on DVD!

kari -

I would be so happy to have the Northern Exposure on DVD! I do hope you will produce it!

Meg -

It doesn't matter how many times I watch the complete series, I always want the station to turn around and begin again. Having the dvds would be great!

Kent -

N.E. is probably the most intelligent television show ever produced.I have seen every episode, some more than once,and I would buy the complete series on DVD if it were available.This is television for the person that's not afraid to think!!

Paula Abilheira -

D V D!

D V D!

D V D!

suzanne schmalzer -

I would love to get my hands on the episode of Maurice's birthday when Adam explains to his crew, why he cooks: "Because I am hungry."

JL -

If the series goes to DVD, I will buy a copy for my friend, a technical designer who will not stop talking about the show and was saddened when it was taken off A&E.

Tom -

I would definitely buy the entire Northern Exposure series if it were put on DVD. Heck, I'd buy two copies of the whole series if it would help Universal make up their minds to put this show on DVD.

M.W.McKenzie -

Count me in!

Jasmin Zinaja -

I would definitely buy a few copys of the DVD with entire Northern Exposure series.

Jeremiah D.C. -

There's money out there for the taking; I'm adding my cold hard cash to the pile, and all you have to do is release Northern Exposure on DVD. This is the perfect time to do it; people will buy, of this there is no doubt. Don't pass this up!

orion carter -

All Episods, on on Either medium Would Be Killer

Jo Green -

Yes, Yes, Yes!!! I definately intend to buy the entire Northern Exposure series on DVD when it is produced.

Andy G -

I'd buy the DVD, but please make sure any release includes the UK.


I would love to see the entire Northern Exposure series available to the public on VHS and DVD. If so, I would gladly purchase the entire lot. These programs were original and special. Nothing like it is available on television today. I think if the series was broght back it would be a great success.

marisa -

Please please put northern exposure on DVD! at least boxed sets of all the episodes on VHS...buffy has a dvd and she's so can such a great show be ignored? oh sucks.

Bill Futreal -

I'll buy a Nothern Exposure, I'll buy several more as gifts for friends.

Kurt Lutterman -

I would buy at least one DVD set of Northern Exposure, whatever was produced. In USA format please.

Megan Reardon -

I would purchase the entire series on DVD if it were available. I too have been wanting this for some time now.

Brian A. Dixon -

I must have "Northern Exposure," season by season, in my DVD collection!

Joe S. Scharenbroch -

Bring on the DVD.

joe s scharenbroch

Edmund Mendez -

I want my Northern Exposure complete DVD collection NOW! We have suffered enough.

Leca Bratz -

Please put Northern Exposure on DVD! My home recorded tapes are wearing out.

Sonny Klamerus -

You produce it. We will buy it.
Sonny Klamerus

Tricia Gilbert -

There are very few shows I would buy the sets of. Northern Exposure is absolutely on that list. It's been the one show that maintained its integrity. Please put it all on DVD!

Adam Chamberlain -

Absolutely, please release NX in its entirety on DVD. Please also ensure that this is made available in Region 2 format. This is one must see, must buy, must have show!

gillian -

please, please release northern exposure on dvd. i'll definitley buy a copy!

Rob Dotzler -

DVD's aren't cheap, but we gotta have 'um!

Matthew Shine -

It's very sad when a show like 'Northern Exposure' gets ignored like it has been for the past decade. With shows such as 'Air Wolf' and 'Miami Vice' now getting full DVD treatment, why not 'NX?' The fact is, for every tv season since 'Northern Exposure' ended, some network has tried, and failed, to recreate the magic that the viewers felt.

Bring back the original, and still the best.

Rosilyn Richardson -

PLEASEEE - Give us Northern Exposure on DVD, now! We *need* it.

Rob -

I think all shows should be archived to DVD as the season ends. Maybe I'd watch this show if Steven could lend me the DVD instead of telling me to remember every second Monday at 3:15 on A&E or something.

ps. 100th post!

Sam Lustig -

I don't even own a DVD player right now, but I think I would go out and buy one if the entire Northern Exposure series was available.

Kelly McGee -

I know that both my parents and I would buy our own sets of Northern Exposure on DVD. I can't wait to have all the episodes, in order, for my very own. Thanks!

Carie Albers -

Please put the whole Northern Exposure series on DVD. I have been a fan of the show since day one. I still watch the reruns when they are on. Thanks!

Keith McGee -

Please release a complete, chronological set of DVDs of the TV series "Northern Exposure." I have been a fan of this series since it was first broadcast and watch the syndicated reruns (first on A&E and lately on Hallmark) whenever they are broadcast. I know of at least five other family members and friends who want to own their own set as well. Thanks!

Chandra -

I'd buy it!

Kenton Lbe -

Please release the complete DVD set of NX!!

Kern Lewin -

I've been waiting for years for Northern Exposure to come out on DVD.

I'd buy it in a heartbeat. The existence of a devoted fan-base is obvious; I don't understand what the hold-up is!

This is probably the only show where I wouldn't even hesitate to buy the comlete DVD set.

Wayne A. Norcross -

This is one show that will last forever, especially on DVD.

Kathleen N. Norcross -

I would not hesitate to purchase Northern Exposure on DVD.

Lyndsay -

I would love to buy a copy of Northern Exposure on DVD as soon as it is made ... hopefully in time for Christmas?

Brandon Hunt -

This show would make Universal a lot of money, I can't believe it hasn't already been released!

Lucinda Arundel -

I can't believe they've left it this late, whats the hold up??? Bring it on!

John Sadie -

YES PLEEEEEEEEEEASE. I will buy 3 complete DVD sets. Hurry UP!

Xander van der Merwe -

The VERY BEST TV series in the last 30 years !!!! Bring it ON !!!!

leah pearlman -

i'm glad to see i'm not alone in thinking that N.E. was a darn good show & of course I'd buy the DVD.

Nancy Mason -

Please release NX on DVD. I would buy it the day it was released.

Paula Garay -

NX was one of the best series ever produced. It's ridiculous that it's not available on DVD given the show's broad-based appeal and still-loyal fan base.

Bryan Sullivan -

Please put out a box set for each season, if for no other reason than that you think a little slower when you graze.

Clement Taylor -

I loved the Northern Exposure series and I always tried to free up my Monday nights at was it 10 o'clock. I would certainly purchase a DVD collection off that quirky and intriguing show.
Clem Taylor,
Doylestown, PA

Kelley Ray -

Please, do the set. It will sell, at least to hardcore fans, and that is a large number.

Sherry L Heitman -

I would gladly buy the set on DVD when it becomes available.... make it available......please!

Ivan Mandic -

Please put it on DVD , it's the best TV series ever!!!

Valerie -

I'm astonished it's not already out on DVD. I am anxiously awaiting its arrival on the shelves and in the catalogs.

Tricia Arnseth -

Why is every other tv show on DVD now, but not the best one of all time??!

Loris -

The best show that has ever been aired has not been put on DVD? What is this world turning to? PLEASE!!! Even that slimy buffy tha slaya is available to cry out loud!!!

John Vipond -

Nothing would be worth my hard-earned dollar more than the entire NX collection on DVD. Go ahead, rob me. Please.

Erin -

Northern Exposure is one of or even the best shows ever made. I was devasted when they took it off A&E. I don't get the Hallmark channel and would love to buy the entire series on DVD. I lived in Alaska for year and miss it so much, NX made me feel at home. To all out there please spread the word about the petition. Northern Exposure should live on forever!

David Reynolds -

Will gladly purchase the entire series, and I know quite a few of my friends would also.

Dan Paridge -

I am all for it!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alfredo Sendín -

I'd really love to see Northern Exposure on DVD.

Lucía Vázquez -

Please, please, please, please, is it possible to think there is intelligent life on earth when Northern Exposure is not availabe on DVD (or any other format, at least here in Spain)??!!

Kathryn -

I want NX on DVD or VHS!!! NOW!
I also would like to know how to find a discussion group on Northern Exposure. A friend of mine said he used to belong to one and can't remember how to access it. If anyone knows how, please email me!

Brian Ristola -

I would really like to see all of the Northern Exposure episodes on DVD!!!!! This is truly the best show ever!!!

Branko Vulinec -


Yoav -

One of the best shows ever. Seems logical that it would already be on DVD or at least on VHS, But nooooooo they decided to torchore the fans of this wonderful show. Why should we put one of the best shows ever on DVD?.. We don't want to make money and we don't want the fans to have any sourt of plesure... thats probably what Universal Studios are thinking.

Robert Carl -

Definitely would like to see all of the Northern Exposure episodes on DVD! I would buy (twice).

Andrew Germann -

I don't understand why they haven't done it already.Please hurry, i've already wasted days just searching for the DVD's. Waiting and hoping.

Mel Orr -

I want Northern Exposure DVDs!!!

Erik DeBoard -

I would buy it in a heartbeat!

Alex -

I know I, and many others, would gladly purchase a Northern Exposure DVD if it were available. Please!

Kent Gerber -

I have the laser discs that have been released, but would certainly buy the DVD collection.

Thomas Harvey -


Charlie Friel -

Please release all of Northern Exposure on region 2 dvd.

Yoav -

Everbody, Amazon has made a petition to release all the show on DVD so go to <b>[LINK]</b> and enter your e-mail to sign the petition

Eileen Laird -

Yes, I too would love to buy the entire series on DVD, if release with 1 entire season's episodes per DVD.

Jake Sutton -

Yes! Northern Exposure on DVD would be a treat!

dudu -

DVDit (4 episodes per DVD, as in the UK release please!
I love the show, but I hate it when people treat me like a junkie...)

Chris -

Why isn't Northern Exposure on DVD yet? The first few episodes are available on DVD in region 1 (non-playable on U.S. DVD players) in England -- what's the holdup here? I'd buy the entire series in a heartbeat. However, if rushing this means producing mediocre quality, then I'd rather wait. It's important that it's produced on DVD right. Paramount is the highest quality transfer of film and audio; second, but no less important, would be extras such as scripts, deleted scenes, behind-the-scenes documentaries, etc. It's time to give the best TV show ever produced some attention and availability on DVD. It'll obviously be profitable and satiate fans the world over.

Donald Sehulster -

Please every NX episode on DVD!

Andy -

I will by all the episodes of Northern Exposure on DVD. Please do a quality job and release them in chronological order.

Jodi -

I love NX! Please put on DVD!

benno -

dear universal decision makers - i guarantee i will purchase (at full retail cost) the entire catalogue of NX once you release it on DVD. thank you!

jasminka -

I also want NX dvd.

Will -

I've said it to anyone who will listen: I would buy the entire series on DVD.

Liam Westley -

And can we have a Region 2 version for the UK please.

robert -


Can we preserve one good moment from televisions history? Please?

I would buy a release of Northern Exposure on DVD.

Earl -

It's well past time. I urge a DVD distribution of Northern Exposure Series.

Darren Elliott -

It's time! I have every episode on VHS and they're starting to get blurry!!! DVD! DVD! DVD!!!!!!

Jeff Barkstrom -

We is my DVD?

Chris Bash -

What's the hold up? Let's get these episodes on DVD for everyone to enjoy once again. It's the simple economics of supply and demand. Supply them and we will buy them. Twin Peaks is out there... why isn't Northern Exposure? Afraid to compete? I don't understand the logic behind not releasing them. It just means more money in your all's pockets. Come on, let's get the ball rolling.

Chad Hayworth -

I own every Northern Exposure show available on VHS and would pay $2,000 to have every episode ever made on DVD.

- Chad Hayworth

Mike Campbell -

I would like an affordable set of the entire series on DVD.

Aaron Felton -

Hello There,
I would certainly buy a release of Northern Exposure on DVD

Bill D -

I would be very interested in purchasing the complete Northern Exposure series on DVD.

Andy -

I would immediately purchase the complete Northern Exposure series on DVD.

Chuck Michel -

Do it and get it done!!!!!

Nicole -

I've looked evverywhere for Northern Exposure on DVD. I just assumed it would already be out there. Why isn't it? There's a lot of money to be made, and a huge fan base to be appeased! I'd buy every single DVD of N.E. available!

Lori -

I have been looking, and waiting! Hope it happens soon!

Richard Harrison -

Please release Northern Exposure Complete TV series on DVD - ASAP !!!!!

Matthew Winslow -

I need this DVD to live. Don't let me waste away. Please, release the show in season boxed sets. Thanks

Greg Ennes -

I would buy the entire series on dvd in a heartbeat!!

Jen Patton -

I would love to be able to purchase the entire Northern Exposure series on DVD.

Rob McConnell -

I'd buy the whole lot on DVD. And fly to US to collect it if need be! (I'm from England)

Jim & Liz Grayson -

We literally wore out our VCR taping every episode of Northern Exposure. When A&E cancelled it, we cried. When Hallmark picked it up (chopped up as it was), we rejoiced and toasted our TV. Put the entire, and uncut, series on DVD, and we can purge the video drawer of our cabinet. Thanks!!

ryan -

please release dvd's for us to buy!!!

Jean-Luc Glorieux -

Please, bring Northern Exposure to DVD! I'd buy the whole series in a flash.


I have been waiting for a very long time.... I will buy the entire NX series immediately when released.

Mike Pluta -

Please release NX on DVD, but please do it justice. I'm sure we will all be willing to wait for a great release that is done right. But please let us at least know if it is the works.

Bonnie M. -

A high-quality DVD edition of the complete NX series would be a real treasure. Perhaps it could even include out-takes, something like a director's cut. I would purchase something like this in a Keewaa Ani minute.

cas -

A PLEA FROM DOWN UNDER!! Please please please release Northern Exposure on DVD - we NEED it! What a fantastic series, it would be great to see it come out with all the selections that DVD has to offer.

Matt Breasic -

Please make the entire series of "Northern Exposure" episodes available in DVD format.

Thank you.

Matt Breasic

Matt Breasic -

Please make the entire series of "Northern Exposure" episodes available in DVD format.

Thank you.

Matt Breasic
La Crosse, WI

Tony Golding -

Please put the whole Northern Exposure series on DVD?

Megan Ottesen -

I would love to buy the Northern Exposure series on DVD especially if it included interviews!

ivejust cutmyself,badly -

Why...! I watched this t.v import from the off, waiting for the romantic encounter (shag) between the two central characters to take place (which was the whole point of the show).
Then after it happened, the writers realised the show was finished and tried to reverse out of a show which had lost a large % of it audience by then.
So to conclude, funnny yes, should it be re-run no... compare this show to the depth and creativity of shows like, "6 feet under"... superb

problem child -

I would gladly sell my house,

the car, my hairpiece and

prositute my wife for one

episode of this magnificent t.v show ...

please, please if you are interested in a simple

swap for, at least my wife... let me know

seth meisel -

I do not want just a few episodes. Please release as many shows as possible on DVD. These discs hold alot and people will buy them. It has a following greater than is known. Even Japanese take pilgrimages to Roslyn, Washinghton to see where it was filmed!

Jose Gracia -

At least a complete DVD is needed for the best serie

Julia Brown -

I'd buy the series for myself, and at least 3 for gifts!

Susan -

Please release the entire Northern Exposure series on DVD. My VHS collection taped from television is wearing out!

John Mosman -

Miss the show and would love the whole thing on DVD!

James Duncan -

Please make available a dvd set of the entire Northern Exposure television series.

Jordan Birns -

I was unaware of the this show when it first came out; too young and immature to appreciate it. But some respected and learned friends turned me on to it long after the series ended. I knew I stumbled on to ssomething special, so unique that I started to tape it off of A&E the moment it penetrated so deep within me, because it wasn't good to take a risk with something this good. Never has a T.V. show had an impact on me, taught me so much about about my life, without being to sucky or preachy, but by example. It felt like a gift from God, as the current episode of the day was usually stressing something I was struggling with. I was actually going to move to Alaska to search for a utopian community like Cicely. I also shared it with friends and they have fallen hard for it to, and they fervently try to convert others to this experience, this gift that many have ignored in the wake of mindless, juvenile shows like Friends or Family Matters, or even worse, the reality shows that constantly shatter my faith in human nature. If you make available the entire Northern Exposure series available on DVD, not only will I purchase it for myself, but I will also purchase more sets to give as gifts to my friends and family.

Not just a T.V. show
but a state of mind
and a way of life.

peace, love, empathy..


shay evanoff -

Its long over due for the entire NX series to be released. Its been off the air for almost 10 years now (I'm talking original broad cast)and just look at its following. The re-runs (which is where I began to follow it) probably attract and captivate more new viewers than any one of the 8 new shows about some hospital full of interns, or one of the 14 new reality shows where the main-course is usually an uncooked piece of a four legged animal(not that thats bad,I don't mean to offend any of you that like raw animal),but where is the creativity in this mindless junk. And don't even get me started on "FRIENDS".
Also, another good reason to release the NX series in the U.S.A. is because as of yet there are more individual episodes avaliable for sale in the U.K.! And the stinkin' show was produced here in America for US! I thought we were the luckiest nation on earth!? There are some people high-up that need to get their butts in gear and give the population what they want--and the people said "NX ON DVD AND VHS".(I should write speaches for gov. officials shouldn't I).
Anyway, I would deffinetly buy the dvd series. I hope this works!

Desperatly Seeking Northern Exposure -

MWF: seeking immediate help for heartbroken husband. Husband not responding. Please get Northern Exposure series on DVD ASAP!!

Rich -

I can guarantee I would but this series on DVD. One of the best shows on TV ever.

Melissa Evanoff -

Think of how many people would buy the series! There are so many fans who would but also collectors. I know people who will buy something like this just because it is a collectors item or a "set" of something. Hope someone gets their head out of their butt and gets this done!

Dylan Miller -

I started watching Northern Exposure midway through it's first year and it quickly leaped to the top of my favourite Tv shows. I think a DVD of it would be a great idea.

vickie -

I too am Northern Exposure dependant and so feel I must support this effort. We are all in this together right?

Andrew -

If the studios want people to stop downloading movies and TV shows they need to provide us with top-of-the line formats. I hope your efforts work Steve.

K Breaker -

I would defiently be interested in seeing Northern Exposure in VHS and DVD. Good luck with your quest Steve.

Sweetguy -

I don't know what are you waiting for.

Brian Wilson - PA -

Do it (Please)

Roy -

I'm holding gun to my TV right now. If Universal doesn't release Northern Exposure on DVD in the next six months, I SWEAR the set gets it !!!


Seriously, most intelligent people recognize NE as probably the best TV show of all time, one of the precious few examples of a network TV series transcending the mundane and actually achieving something artistic. There are a large group of well-educated (and probably well-heeled) DVD hobbyists out there who would have a NE box set on their shelf rather than Buffy or ST:NG any day. And I'm sure they would happily pay $150 or more for a complete five season collection. I certainly would.

There is no doubt in my mind the NE box set will be reality someday. Hopefully, sooner than later.

Donna Van Vlack -

I came late to Nothern Exposure, but my boyfriend has been watching the whole time. It would be a great Christmas gift for him. So many other programs are released to buy this one should be too!!!!!!

Erik -

I would instantly purchase any future DVD release of all Northern Exposure episodes. Please give the greatest television series of all time it's proper recognition and give us a Northern Exposure DVD boxed set..or one for each season..whatever it takes so that I can buy them all!

Tom Dolan -

Dat Janine Turner was one hot tamale!

Sergio Cordoba -

I want a DVD pack(s), too.

Angela Weathers -

I have never watched much TV but this is my all time favorite show and now they no longer even play it on A&E. I would buy BOTH the complete VHS and/or DVD series if it were available!!

Annie Mottola -

Northern Exposure is the best thing I can ever recall being on TV...quirky...provocative...spiritual...intelligent...entertaining. I'd love to have the complete DVD collection.

Harald Spieß -

I must have NX on DVD. In Germany there isn't even a tv-channel showing the series! What a shame...

Kris and Tony -

Please release all of NX on DVD in an affordable manner. (only four episodes per disc is silly...use your technology sensibly!!)We want to toss out 25 crummy VHS TV copied tapes.

Robert Feinstein -

Yes,I would buy all the episodes of NX if they were out on dvd/vhs

janette g -

A few weeks ago two of the Northern Exposure writers, Diane Frolov and Andrew Schneider, were the guests at a screenwriters' brunch here in Vancouver. What a joy finally to meet a couple of the most creative, witty, gentle people in the tv business. As I listened to the question and answer session from fellow writers in the audience, I was heartened to realize how vividly this brilliant and original series lives on in the public's hearts and minds. I became addicted back home in the UK. My collection of episodes on VHS is mouldering in some storage locker in the UK. Yes, please bring us a DVD version of a series, whose snowy, mountainous landscapes are , in part, responsible for my migration to British Columbia (Alaska is just up the road and Roslyn is across the border.) And yes, the earlier suggestion regarding scripts, interviews, behind the scenes glimpses etc is excellent

Judy Jones -

I started watching NX in 96. I am dependent,hooked,addicted,in love with Cicely, and feel despondent today because Hallmark replaced the 2:00 show with Perry Mason. I would buy NX on DVD in a heartbeat.Please make it available.

Mark -

I would certainly buy the complete set on DVD. Heck, I would buy 2 or 3 sets if it would help. NX was the greatest. You would think the powers at be would get the hint from the way the VHS tapes sold out.

hillary magnanini -

Although we occasionally enjoy bits of commercials from the early 90's as we continuously review our homemade tapes of Northern Exposure, we would gladly buy the entire series if it was available on DVD or even VHS. Please contact us when it is available as it will clearly by a money-maker, especially when compared with most of the other rubbish currently for sale. thank you in advance, two fans still unhappy with the way the show was "programmed" off the air

AJ -

I echo all that is above. As would my father, when i tell him. That's two votes.


John McHugh -

I'd really like each episode of Northern Exposure available on DVD and if possible also Region 2 as I'm from Scotland.



Dan Gibson -

I managed to get series 1 on DVD in the UK, not realising that the others weren't available. Now my nostalgia gland has been awakened i NEED the rest! As James Brown once said, "Please, please, please"... I need it in my life!

Jamie Hagwood -

I currently have (recorded from tv )many episodes of Northern Exposure that I love to pop in and enjoy. I would be only too happy to PURCHASE a set on dvd !

Noel Anderson -

Yes please,, the complete series on DVD.


Brian Zielinski -

You would make a lot of people very happy!

Lesley-Anne Bourne -

Sign me up!

I have a prized Northern Exposure coffee mug and would happily buy the complete series on DVD.

Why did they ever take it off A&E? Didn't they realize I was watching that?!

JoAnn Madden -

I have been trying to replace some of my originally taped episodes that are really breaking down from toooooooo much watching over and over. Hard to find, so a complete series on DVD would be great. Add one more vote to the list.

Michael Gordon -

Sounds good!

Sarah McBeath -

I would most definitely purchase the entire series collection of Northern Exposure if it were to be put on VHS or DVD. It has always been my favorite show. I even used to watch the reruns on A&E almost every day!

Shirley Cannon -

I would love to purchase the complete collection of Northern Exposure. Anytime. The series was too cool and too Alaskan too boot.

Ralph Förster -

Because there is no chance to see this show in Germany, I of course would buy the American Version!

Davide Provasi -

I would love to purchase the whole Northern Exposure series. Please make it available on dvd.

Brian Soderquist -

I need to purchase an entire set of Northern Exposure on DVD. Someone has to make it now!!

Carrie Fox -

What can I say? I'm a fanatic. I WILL own Northern Exposure, the entire series, WHEN it becomes available on DVD. So get to work on it already. ;o)

Kenneth Hunt -

I would like to see Northern Exposure released on DVD. A few extra features would be great. Maybe commentary on some of the more out there episodes. (Twins comes to mind)

boost ventilator -

Where do I sign if I want it released on Beta?

barlow -

Please sell Northern Exposure on DVD. And while you're at it, please make all of Homicide: Life on the Streets available as well.

sonya -

That first, halcyon summer season of Northern Exposure, O, a treasured memory. I'd love to own those episodes on DVD. Come on. It's the perfect format, the perfect time.

Carlos Rossique -

Of course !!!!
NX is the best TV series ever made.

I wish a whole DVD edition could be including spanish lenguage. (please contact spanish TVE channel)

I know hundreds of people in Spain who would buy it in this case. Maybe in South-America too...

Mariquita Pérez -

NX is the best TV series ever made.
I wish a whole DVD edition could be including spanish lenguage. (please contact spanish TVE channel)

J. Jorje Garca -

Yes, yes, yes, yes,...
... and yes.
Please, please, please,please,....

(in spanish lenguage, of course)
Thanks from Sapin

Robert Berry -

I would not hesitate to purchase the best television series in history, Northern Exposure, on DVD. I have the ten episodes available on Laserdisc, and I've recorded the entire series from A&E on SVHS, but they don't compare to the convenience and clarity of the DVD format. I would buy the entire series on DVD, even though it would mean also purchasing the very few "dud" episodes (like the one where Shelly sings during her pregnancy--almost as unwatchable as all those "reality" shows cluttering the airwaves these days).

Alberto E. Martin Garcia -

NX is the best TV series. DVD is the best format.
Please,in spanish lenguage. Thanks.

Dasha Rozdestvenskaya -

I love the show! I've been waiting for someone to get the idea rolling ever since it was cancelled. I would GLADLY pay to get all the episodes on DVD!

Silvia de la Vega -

Please, edit NX in DVD. You will make happy a lot of people. Thanks

Dan Z. -

Not only should they release Northern Exposure on DVD, but they ought to go one step further and bundle each DVD with an action figure of one the Northern Exposure characters. Holling, Joel, Maggie, Chris in the Morning -- collect them all and act out new episodes with your friends!

Luis Rodríguez -

Yes! Great idea! NX is... Suddenly I find I lack the words to express such a fantastic tv-series...

It would be a dream coming true... but also with the Spanish sub-titles, pleaseeee!!!!!

Jordan -

I would absolutely buy the entire series. Greatest TV show in history.

yozzzer -

whoever can do this should do this now!!
you are depriving the human race of the greatest t.v show ever made and depriving yourself of all of our money. we would happily pay to have the complete series of this masterpiece.

Tim -

As soon as it becomes available, I will buy it!

Sarah -

I'll buy it- how about VHS!

Frank Scarrett -

I'll buy 'em for sure.

Tom -

I have the whole series on tape, but I'd much rather have it all on DVD. I can't believe we've had to wait this long - Northern Exposure has a larger and more dedicated following than most of the shows that are getting the DVD treatment. I'd buy a couple of copies of the whole series the day it was released.

Susan -

I'd buy the DVD set the day it's released! I'm havin' NX withdrawals here. Can't even get the Hallmark Channel out here in the boonies! All I have to comfort me are my personal pix that I took on my pilgrimage to *Cicely* aka Roslyn.

John Bailey -

While Northern Exposure was up and running it was the only TV programming I watched. When the show dropped off the air, so did I. Here and now I commit to purchasing DVDs of all episodes. XXX

Jared Lee -

Northern Exposure means a lot to a lot of people. Please, please, please, please, please, please, please, release it on DVD.

Lorena -

Please, release NX on DVD. We deserve it!

mbassy -

couldn't agree more.

rusty grey -

Please release Northern Exposure on DVD!!!!!!!

Joseph Jarzen -

I couldn't have better said. I request the series on DVD as well.

Morgan Stinson -

Northern Exposure was the greatest show in the history of television! Please put my favorite show on DVD and I promise I will buy at least a couple of complete sets. And if you do that, 100 years from now, our great-grandchildren will be watching and enjoying it, too!

Raina Jones -

Northern Exposure is a true classic. It is up there with I Love Lucy, The Honey Mooners, The Bill Cosby Show, Family Ties, etc. I have been looking everywhere for the complete set of shows on DVD. Please put this classic show on DVD so my husband and I can enjoy watching these shows over and over again.

Thank you.

Kyle Glover -

I'll buy a set.

dave k (storm mountain) -

My wife and I would clearly buy it. We would even buy a DVD player then.

Fiona -

I would love to buy Northern Exposure on DVD. It was shown years ago in Australia, and there have been no re-runs. i was at school when it was screened and could only see the odd episode because it was on late. i loved it and dearly would like to see all the episodes.

Kelle Cruz -

Northern Exposure on DVD, please.

Nena -

I'd love to see Northern Exposure again. I'd like to have it on DVD. This is one of my favourite shows ever.


BK -

Please, please, please, release NX on DVD. Please do it now, I can't wait.

Ben Kalina -

PLEASE put out dvds of this wonderful show.

Linda Phillippo -

Please put out the whole think on DVD. I'd buy them.

Fabio Rovellotti -

PLEASE release NX on DVD and not only for the US but for all the world !!!!!

Janice Edens -

I would definitely buy the entire series on DVD. It was a literate, thought-provoking show--much like M.A.S.H., which I'm thoroughly enjoying on DVD.

Alison Kavanagh -

I'm in, I'd love to have them.

Herbie Saint -

Count me in. I would love to own the series on DVD.

Al Hurst -

I would without hesitation buy the entire series on VHS and DVD. That's right. I would buy both. This is by far one of the most well written TV shows from beginning to end. It only seems fair to Northern Exposure's HUGE fan base to offer the entire series (all 110 episodes!) on at least DVD but it would be nice to offer it on VHS as well.

Looking at this from a business point-of-view, it's a win/win situation for the fans as well as those which would produce it. It would sell very well. I am amazed from surfing the web that how many NX fans there are. It's like the show left but the fans are still wanting more. We have money and want to spend it provided you release the entire series...

karen samaritoni -

please oh please put the entire series on dvd or at the very least on vhs!!!!!

Clive Slatter -

There is already the first season available on box-set VHS by Cult-TV, and have been eagerly anticipating the release of season two, but no sign. Please start releasing them soon, NE was by far one of the quirkiest comedies of its era, and I would definitely buy the DVDs or videos.

mei chan -

i would love to own the entire series of northern exposure on dvd, as would a whole bunch of my friends. do not underestimate the demand that exists for it....

Angela Duvane -

I am a new fan (started watching about 6 months ago). I am dying to see every single episode on DVD or VHS. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE. I am addicted, and I need my fix. I hope this petition works.

luciano massa -

release this as soon as posible. Were being left out. Thanks, sincerely L Massa

Cindy -

I'm an avid Northern Exposure fan...and I'd love to buy the complete DVD collection, along with a complete collection of the music from the show... and when will we ever see a re-union of all those quirky characters? I miss that town so much... I wish it was my hometown.

R Redmer -

I will buy every episode of Northern Exposure if it were available on DVD. Everything else is on DVD including shows that weren't even popular. What is the problem? DVDs are less expensive to mass produce than VHS tapes so there is no reason for delaying this.

Dave Swinburne -

I love this series and I would love to own the complete set on DVD.

Ingrid en Jos Claes-Jaco -

I own the series 1 on DVD (UK) and would love to get all other episodes too. I don't understand why it isn't released yet with so many people asking for it. Can anyone explain?

Linda Ellis -

We all need to escape to Cicely once in a while...Please release the entire "Northern Exposure" series on DVD. I'm having a tough time staying up till 2AM to watch it on Hallmark channel, and still making it to work on time!
I'll buy it!

Iain Irwin -

The world deserves the right to be part of the cicelien state of mind. DVD please ill buy the lot!!!

G Bertrand -

We MUST have Northern Exposure on DVD! At just $40 per person on this one website, the company would have roughly $10,000. Give me the rights, I'll produce it!

Todd Brinkman -

I would be willing to pre-pay, and its a better investment than the market!

Sign me up, I want a copy of every episode and I'm willing to pay dearly for it!!

Kevin Wall -

I'm often surprised at the lack of DVD productions of some of the great television series over the last ten years or so. Northern Exposure is definitely one that needs to be released!

maribela -

please, please, please, please,please, please, please, please, !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Luis Espila from Spain -

Please, please, please.

lise -

Yes, yes--I am also nuts about this series. We really need an issue on DVD so all of us who love to escape to Cicely can...

Mattioux -

do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it

Marc Silvan -

Please, I need it!!!!!!!

Craig Mecak -

YES! YES! YES! Northern Exposure on DVD, please. Fantastic show. Hello Marilyn.

Kath -

Yes! I would certainly buy it for myself and all my friends who need converting too.

Sarah Cabral -

I already have the entire series on tape (twice)-- that's how much I love this show. But I would give anything to have it on DVD. PLEASE, PLEASE, DO IT.

lance -

I spent about two years taping the reruns on A&E so I would have them on tape, but I would PAY PAY PAY to have it on DVD!

Dakota -

Northern Exposure was both the smartest and funniest network television show the 1990s. I would happily pay to have every episode preserved on DVD.

Brent -

I am dying here. Get the DVD out there, and I will buy a DVD player.

Barb Roop -

Put me on the list to BUY the entire NE series on DVD. I'd even stand in line the night before the sale starts!

Steve Nichols -

would love to have such a great series on dvd. I know lots of folks that would love it!

Steve Nichols -

would love to have such a great series on dvd. I know lots of folks that would love it!

Maggie over Shelly, anyday! -

You have dangled the carrot enough with the release of series one, damnit! I want them all, and want them yesterday!

Jason Dannenbring -

I would buy a copy.

Steve Jones -

There has rarely been a show that is so literate, engaging, soothing, entertaining, and downright quirky. While other series sleep, this one still breathes in our conscience. I am a teacher and have used NX scenes and interpretations for many a class discussion. Please, please, let me get what I want...

Don Hoffman -

Please release NX on DVD so I can stop crying myself to sleep. Thanks!

Paula Padilla -

I'd buy it the moment it hits the shelves... I'm amazed at how much money these guys are losing :P


...please? :D

BJ Hill -

There is no doubting that Northern Exposure was a very special show and continues to draw people to watch fading VHS copies of the show. Please consider bringing this great show to DVD. There is a prime oppertunity to create a solid box set with interviews and behind the schene extras that is slipping away. I've been to Rosilyn, Washington recently and was not surprised to still see many fans walking the streets, getting their picture taken in front of the Brick or the famous camel mural. The fan base is still there to make it well worth your while. Thank you for your consideration.

ddawson -

Release The NX series on dvd. You will make lots of money doing this. You will also make lots of people happy.


Sharyn -

I would love to have Northern Exposure all to myself, on DVD. It's among the select few television shows I've watched regularly in the last decade.

That said, what's wrong with Buffy? It's brilliant.

Jacqui -

I have just changed cable TV providers three times so that I could tape the entire elusive series of Northern Exposure on VHS. Now, with all 110 brilliant episodes safely on my shelf, I don't want to think about how much time and money I've spent doing this...but I would certainly spend more. Please release the entire series on DVD (behind the scenes extras and deleted scenes would be nice!) so that Northern Exposure can be enjoyed once again by all of its devoted fans. Thanks.

Norman Standing-Tree Bowen -

Dear Fine Folks Of The Northern Exposure World,
I need to know what would be the price that you would be willing to pay for the DVD set. It would be release the entire series on DVD (behind the scenes extras and deleted scenes) One (1) Season at a time With encoding for the ZONE-1 players. So tell me.

vren -

What?! It doesn't exist yet?! No, wonder I haven't been able to find the box set. Northern Exposure on DVD, what's the hold up! =)

vren -

What?! It doesn't exist yet?! No, wonder I haven't been able to find the box set. Northern Exposure on DVD, what's the hold up! =)

Will & Becky Dolan -

We'd love to have the entire set on DVD format.Please release ASAP so we can watch and share with our friends

Jeff McCaleb -

I would spend an ungodly amount of money on a full boxed set of Northern Exposure episodes. Seriously.

Chris and Heidi Nelson -

We must have all of Northern Exposure on DVD. I need to get all my friends who've never seen it hooked on it like we are. My VHS broadcast tapes are incomplete, out of order, lousy quality --- and I'd really, really like to be able to read the fine print credits at the end to identify some of the best "needle drop" tunes ever used in a TV series or movie. This is my only criticism of the series, that these tunes, so essential to the stories, were not credited in big type.

Bruce Stevens -

For all of us who loved and enjoyed the Northern Exposure series, PLEASE produce the entire series on VHS or DVD. We all love the characters and miss the scenery.

Jason Morgan -

Please give us Cicilians what we need! NX on DVD! Trust me It would be bought!

Dee -

Yup. Definitely. Simple deal - you put the whole 100+ episodes on DVD, we shell out major $$$ and buy it. That has been the American way for years, why change it now? Besides the top $$$, please consider the importance of making an Emmy-winning series and a cultural celebration available for posterity.


Vijay Makar -

I would love to have the oppertunity to buy the entire Northern Exposure Series on DVD. What a wonderful show!

David Miller -

Another vote for the entire series on DVD. We would buy it immediately.

Mark Solloway -

I just happened to stumble across this petition WHILE SEARCHING FOR NORTHERN EXPOSURE ON DVD! And we can't be the only people interested in owning NX on DVD - the show had (and still has) a huge fan base. Please, strike while the iron is hot and release this series on DVD! THANKS!

Tracy Shallue -

We need Northern Exposure on DVD now!!

Simon Gillett -

That Northern Exposure is not already on DVD is a travesty! It is one of the finest TV series ever made. I would buy the first copy!

Gordy Baker -

If you can have Knight Rider on DVD, you certainly should have Northern Exposure as well.

Jeremy Whittaker -

I would buy all the episodes of Northern Exposure if they were released - preferably on DVD, but if not, on VHS.

brian boeding -


Rick -

PLEASE!!! I want my Exposure!

Victoria -

Please, please, please release Northern Exposure on DVD. I've watched it over and over again on tapes I made off of the TV, but the quality is nothing what it would be on DVD. I promise to destroy my tapes if you sell me the DVD!

Montana -

Besides MASH, NX is the probably the best written and most original show ever produced. Help us share it with our kids and grandkids - shows like this belong on DVD.

Susan Pesznecker -

I will buy the entire NX on DVD the second it comes out. I also know at least 6 other people who will do the same. For goodness sake-- if "Buffy" can make it onto DVD, where the ehck is NX?

Susan Pesznecker -

I will buy the entire NX on DVD the second it comes out. I also know at least 6 other people who will do the same. For goodness sake-- if "Buffy" can make it onto DVD, where the heck is NX?

bill downs -

Ditto, I would buy the DVD complete series in a heartbeat.

Chance Delp -

Best show ever. Sign me up!

Anne Stewart -

My all time favorite series. Intelligent, quirky, funny, surprising, sweet and thoughtful. One of the best ever. By far my own favorite series.. ever. Though I keep looking. I do a search about every 6 months or so to see if it's been DVD'ed yet. What are ya waiting for?

Kate Paskoe -

I imagine that a person who got weepy after breaking her beloved NX coffee mug might snap up an NX DVD collection pronto. Yes, I have a life. I got the mug when I took a side-trip to Roslyn when in Seattle on business. I stayed a whole extra day to do it! It's a state of mind friend. A picture of me standing in front of the Rosyln(s) mural adorns my fridge. Makes me smile. Why? Because there was something very special about that series that somehow got under my skin and into my heart. And if I'm blue, all it takes is to pop in the worn "Auroa Borealis" episode when Adam and Bernard first appeared or "Spring Break", or.. or... and all with the world and the people in it seems just a little softer, clearer...

"Up then from the ground sprang I
And hailed the earth with such a cry
As is not heard save from a man
Who has been dead, and lives again.
About the trees my arms I wound;
Like one gone mad I hugged the ground;
I raised my quivering arms on high;
I laughed and laughed into the sky,"

John Falcone -

I dreamt Universal finally released on DVD the affairs of our fave Dr. in Alaska. But lo, the dream was my wife's as she is the biggest fan in our fam. How about prepping it with the Spanish dubbing as they did a good job with it over here on the Iberian Peninsula? Get it out on DVD!!!

Aaron Bateman -

Put the whole lot on DVD please!

Ramón Rey Vicente -

Hello all, I think Universal will do a great thing making the Northern Exposure Series on DVD availiable all around the world.

NX was the best TV program ten years ago, and today, NX is the best TV program seen on the TV screen.

There are many people who wants to buy the NX complete TV series on DVD and Universal know this.

NX is a state of mind!.

Byes and good luck with this campaign,

Tina Pope -

PLEASEEEE!!!! I would buy it in ANY format! I don't even own a DVD player, but would buy one just so I could watch NX!

Cassandra -

Northern Exposure is not just great but an inspiration to us all.
So for once instead of insipid garbage let us have the opportunity to watch a poetic,funny ,beautiful and deeply philosophical series.
I don't own a DVD player yet but being able to watch NX on DVD would certainly make it worthwhile.
$$$$$$$ in your pockets,Universal and some very Happy customers.What else do you want?

J. Sandone -

I would most definitely purchase these DVDs if they ever became available. I was really sad when A&E discontinued replaying the series; was joyful when Hallmark picked it up. Now they only air it at 1:00 am CST. Well after my bedtime. To paraphrase a famous movie expression "if you make them, they will buy".

Simone Gillet -

A friend just passed this along to me--I am so excited there's a petition going for the release of the complete Northern Exposure series! Consider this my vote in favor.

K Nabours -

My whole family has long waited for Northern Exposure to become available in its entirety on VHS or DVD. We would gladly pay to be able to see all of the episodes again, as it was one of the only programs we ever considered worth watching.

Eric -

For those days when you are feeling small...

Ernesto -

From Madrid...

It would be the reason because i´d get a DVD player...

Andy -

Please release Northern Exposure on DVD. I would buy one for friends and all of my family.

beth -

Please release them all on DVD - my boyfriend loves this show...

Case -

I scream! You scream! We all scream for for the release of the complete NX on DVD...and VHS, for all those archaic people.

michael cristobal -

I picked up the UK R2 release of Northern Exposure and it was pretty good. I would preorder to buy the series box sets if they were released here in US R1.

Brian Flowers -

Northern Exposure was absolutely one of the best television series ever produced. The quality of its writing and acting regularly eclipsed everything else on television, and I daresay that nothing as good has been produced since. I would gladly by this entire series on DVD, and have been waiting for its release for some time.

Arthur -

has universal seen this petition yet? how many more people need to sign on to this thing? are we getting any closer?!!! Please say yes!

Chris Stenson -

I can't believe it isn't out yet, come on Universal it's your duty to release one of the finest shows ever made!

Andy Affleck -

I, too, would buy this (well, maybe not the *last* season :)

Kelly Carter -

I would love to buy NX on DVD!

Tammy Russell -

Count me in, I am anxiously awaiting Northern Exposure on DVD!!!!!!

lucas guard -

i will buy any comprehensive dvd sets also.

Jennie Wong -

Long overdue.

Greg Johnson -

When from a long distant past nothing persists after Northern Exposure is dead. Please bring Northern Exposure back to life and put it on dvd.

Andrew Knight -

This is one complete set that I'd save my pennies for. Please?????

Ryan Kapp -

All of Northern Exposure deserves to be available on DVD - share the art.

Cynthia Morgan -

Please make this show available on DVD. If we don't get the channel that broadcasts it, we are out of luck, not to mention all of the poorly pirated copies out there that we have to endure if we want to watch. This show was well written for the intellectual television watcher, please don't let us down. Make it available to us, share the experience.

Marshall Gaskey -

I have not found any other TV program this interesting nor have I found any other characters in any series or movie as "real" as ALL of the NX folks. I have recorded 92 of the 110 episodes, but many have yet to be edited (taking out commercials) and some were recorded prior to my acquisition of digital they were sometimes fuzzy, depending on the cable quality that day. So, YES! please sign me up for a complete set of DVD NX episodes. And, as we have recently witnessed, as time goes by the probability of "viewing" NX on a dependable station at a reasonable time and in any real sequence becomes more and more remote. Give us NX DVD!!

Terry Jordan -

I'd buy a complete set in a minute.

James Smith -

NX on DVD will be my most cherished video collection hands down. Please make this a reality. Thanks!

Joel Shipley -

Would buy the complete series of Northern Exposure on DVD. The best series ever produced.

Emily Borneman -

This was the best TV drama ever to be produced--and would have a great market on DVD. It is the only television series I would invest in. Please bring this series to the public that wants it!

Jeremy -

I would buy this as a gift for my sister who used to watch that show religiously. I think it would a very lucrative idea for the company. We all know that the production cost would be minimal and the mark-up would be 7,000%. Everybody wins! Definitely worth it.

Jessica -

I would LOVE to see a Northern Exposure DVD collection, since it was the greatest show ever... and then I wouldn't have to stay awake until 2:00 in the morning to see it....

Delia -

Ever had a Northern Exposure experience? I have them once in a while.

One early morning a stray dog was walking down my street, which had just been hit by two feet of snow, as if he owned it and he was just checking things out. I was out there digging my car out, sweating and steaming (literally) and he just stopped and watched me for a minute and then kept on going. It made me miss the show, but it also made me have a great day.

I would very much like to have all of the episodes on DVD. Please add my name to this petition.

PS: I signed another petition through Amazon too:

matt arrowood -

Hey I hope this works cause this is my all time favorite show. This was a show that I could watch when I was really depressed or sad and it always lifted my spirits.

Terry Gese -

I love Northern Exposure and would buy any and all episodes released on DVD.

Terry Gese

Magnus Haglund -

Honestly, though, Northern Exposure NEEDS to be on DVD.

Craig Rockweiler -

I would rarely, if ever, want to buy a DVD of a TV series episode, much less all of them. However, Northern Exposure is an exceptional as it was such an exceptional series.

I absolutely agree that they need to be released in completion on DVD. God knows I'd buy every single one of them.

Yep, I'm addicted.

rl schwieger -

I would buy the complete NX DVD in a heartbeat. The show has been my lifeline in these very difficult times.

christopher williams -

i have series one and need the rest! please hurry!

l l schwieger -

Please do No. exposure on
DVD. Please Please Please.
It's the best therapy I have ever
had. These folks are family to
me and my family.

Kevin Wilhite -

Northern Exposure, one of the most inventive and original television shows ever, not available on DVD yet for us and the future generations. This show should be looked at as the template for making outstanding television, make the DVD happen!

Lisa Schmidt -


Cyndy Bruce -

Sex & the City is available on DVD but Northern Exposure isn't?!?!? There's something wrong here....

kat -

northern exposure...... ah, now there's a show i can relate to. puuuuuuuu-leaze assure me there is a sense of humanity left in this odd, odd world & release it on dvd.

Brither -

I've never seen the show. I heard it was funny. Give these people what they want.

Willman Lee -

I was a big fan of NX and never thought about it for years until now. I just can't believe that the complete episodes are STILL not yet available on DVD. Living in the UK I've had to hunt down episodes off the internet and managed to get seasons 5 and most of 6. Anyone want to start up a P2P sharing group so we can preserve all the seasons digitally? (Assuming the DVD never comes out) Email me if you're interested.

PS: I'll promise to delete all the episodes off my computer if a DVD comes out!!!

Shawn Stilwagon -

You put it on DVD, and i'll buy it:)

Brian Stokes -

In this day and age, there's a demand for just about everything. Please release all Northern Exposure episodes on DVD, or allow some other forward-thinking company (such as Rhino) to do so. Thank you.

Mark Weldon -

I would buy the DVD set on NX...

Andre Teixeira -

I hereby commit myself to buying the complete Northern Exposure DVD set within one month of its release

Amy A -

I'll buy one too! Please release it soon!

John Kadlec -

Another NX deprived seeker of the series looking for complete relief! Comon guys!!!

tiberio -

I'm looking for complete Northern Exposure DVD set. Please release soooooonnnnnn!!!!!!!

Gus Thomasson -

Lets have some open forums for exchange of ideas and planning.

Simon Kneebone -

Trying to video the episodes on pay tv is a poor substitute.

Kelley Nevelsteen -

I will be the first in line to buy the entire NX series on DVD! My recorded copies are wearing out and some are not even complete. Please, Please, Please release them soon.

Andy Williams -

I've just bought a DVD of the first series from HMV in the UK . . . but what about the rest!

Rickey Ainsworth -

Northern Exposure was hands down the most creative and well-written television program produced during my lifetime. It helped to shape an entire generation of gen-Xers. Don't let it die off; help it to have the same positive effect on tomorrow's generation! Release Northern Exposure on DVD today!!!

Bill -

Please release the whole series on DVD.
I spent MANY hours taping onto digital tape from Sat. cutting out the commericals. Would love to have DVD quality!!!

Nancy Littlefield -

Yes, please, I would love to have Northern Exposure on DVD!

Ernest Kohlenberger -

Well thats the problem with a lot of these companies.Here you have a series that people will climb over each other to buy on DVD,and yet,there are no plans to release it on DVD. at least not yet. If that piece of crap "Candyman 3",which nobody will ever buy, is on DVD then Nothern Exposure is a sure fire cash cow.

Gary Boutet -

I'd buy the set in a second.


Its been several years since show off air and Im still waiting for complete set od DVD for Northern Exposure. Still a top series after all these years. (And Ive saved enuf lunch money to pay for them!)

Raine M -

Suffering badly from withdrawal symptoms - please release the complete Northern Exposure on DVD somebody, please!

J A Knowles -

Please make Northern Exposure available on DVD.

Michael Chipman -

I will buy the whole DVD set the minute it is released. Don't care how much it costs. Keep me posted.

Gavin -

Every episode of Northen Exposure on DVD... I could get a dose of NX magic any time I needed it.
I'll buy it!
Let me know if/when it ever happens.

Jamie Wood -

Just bought a DVD player, and was relishing the prospect of being able to watch
Northern Exposure again after many years, (repeated on ITV Digital in UK, but not
available to me), and then I find out that it hasn't even been released. About time
the studio employed some more intelligent people!!

Sam Jernigan -

Looking forward to DVD release.

Lars Hallberg -

Of course i want to see my All time favorite on DVD!!!! And remember there are a lot of fans in Europe to, in other words, don´t forget region 2.
Shelly forever!!!!!!

Stateless -

I'd buy this series without question!

Barbara Ruedger -


Colin Ruedger -

This is one of the best series that ever crossed a television screen. I would be the first in line to buy the Northern Exposure series on matter the cost!

Wendy -

I'd love to be able to start my Christmas wish list with Northern Exposure on DVD.

Darrin -

I would definitely purchase the Northern Exposure series on DVD, no matter the cost.

Jeremy -

Release the whole series of Northern Exposure onto DVD. I loved the show and would almost certainly buy the whole set if you released it!

sharon -

I would love to have the entire Northern Exposure series on DVD. Please please put it out!!

joel makowski -

PLEASE !! release the entire Northern Exposure series on DVD. Although the show has been off the air for some time, it still has an impact on my life. Through it my view of the world and life was opened. It awakened something in me, something wonderful in my life. So please release the DVD's of the show. I will definetly buy more than one copy. As another stated, Northen Exposure is certainly more than a show, it is a state of mind and a way of life. Thank you.

Taire -

I have been waiting, hoping, praying, for Northern Exposure to be released on DVD. I would buy the whole set regardless of the cost.

Thomas Vacherot -

I wisely purchased all 11 available episodes on VHS and videotaped the rest when it ran on A&E, but the quality is far from DVD quality. Television is not the same without the series, (except the last season, that was shaky), and I think there is enough of a fan base to make the DVD release of the entire series viable for the producers. Some of the people involved with The Sopranos, (like David Chase), were also behind the success of Northern Exposure. I'm constantly quoting lines from the show to people.

Montana Will -

For goodness sakes - Someone hear our collective voice! This was one of the top rated shows in the 90's. PLEASE - release the entire NX series on DVD. By the way - is someone sharing this petition with the studio?

Debbie McCarthy -

I consider Northern Exposure to be the all time best TV show and will certainly buy the full set when it is available on DVD. Please make it so soon!!

Michael Cross -

I want it all! Today! I love the show! Put it on dvd and I will but them all!

Scott Ferguson -

Northern exposure is without a doubt the best Tv series ever. I will gladly purchase every episode on dvd when it is released.

Hild Liptrott -

Northern Exposure is I agree the best TV series ever, I only missed an episode if I just couldn't avoid it. It must be released on dvd.

Rob Knebel -

I believe I go live in Cecily when I dream at night. So please Universal let my conscious mind have some fun too. Release all of NX on DVD! Box set of the whole series, and season sets as well. The fans have waited long enough. I will consume.

Daniel Schmidt -

I would love to have access to any Northern Exposure episode at any time. I hope this petition works.

Jill Nixon -

I have watched and loved Northern Exposure since its beginning in 1990. As a new DVD owner, I would LOVE to have all episodes of Northern Exposure released on DVD! Please?

Dave Ashton -

Please, oh please release the entire Northern Exposure series on DVD! One of the best shows ever on TV.

MIchael Courtney -

I have all the episodes available on VHS (It's only 9 ) I have some recorded off tv, but it's a pain.... I would defintely buy as many on DVD as possible...

MIchael Courtney -

I have all the episodes available on VHS (It's only 9 ) I have some recorded off tv, but it's a pain.... I would defintely buy as many on DVD as possible...

anne robinson -

the only TV show I would buy.

Stephan Pak -

DVD!! DVD!! The best show that ever aired on network television.

Jason Gold -

Please release Northern Exposure on DVD/VHS. Having the ENTIRE series is not a "want" but a "need" for most of us. This show lifted us out of primordial ignorance and gave us a glimpse of the world of intelligent television. Being that the series is only shown on selective channels through expensive cable/satellite subscriptions, I have burned my TV and pay homage to the show weekly by visiting our local NX club to have my installment of spiritual and academic medicine. If the government is not going to legalize marijuana at least YOU could make the Northern Exposure series available. We all need to bliss out in some fashion.

Walter V. Grosh -

We, the undersigned, kindly request that you stop polluting the world with that inane show Northern Exposure: please stop syndicating it, selling it on VHS, and certainly don't release it on DVD. It's time for the series to die a quick and painless death.

If you do not wish to sell it again you can be certain of its death...

I have 8 series on VHS and want more!

Linda Buras -

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE release the entire series of NX on DVDs! I will buy it immediately!!

Dan Corsentino -

This is one of the most significant television shows of all time! I would love to own the ENTIRE series on DVD. Please create a series with BONUS FEATURES like commentaries and not just a bare bones DVD.

andrea sessarego -

Hi from Italy! Yes of course, I would like to see the entire series on DVD; also I know there would be great interest from many of the Italian "Cicely People Fan Club". So, please, DO IT!!!!!!!

Douglas Bachmann -

I've been hoping for the whole series on dvd for about two years now. I'll buy everything that comes out!

Ronni -

Please release [on DVD] ...the whole kharmic enchillada!!! But, unlike the re-run here in the UK... it might be advisable to ADVERTISE IT when you release it. If you did, you would sell out really quickly... I promise!!!

Krystal Hart -

I would definitely buy the entire collection of the Northern Exposure if it was available on DVD!
Please do it!

Javier Galisteo -

I´d like to see the NX-X. on Dvd to enjoy again of this wondeful serie.

l ayres -

Another customer!!

Landon Moran -

Greatest show of all time, period.
I would buy everything you put out, A-Z as far as episodes on DVD.
Let me know where to sign up.

L. Moran

Everette -

Another DVD customer

Ellen McQuaid -

Please release the complete series of Northern Exposure on DVD!! We have many, many episodes on tape thanks to programmable VCRs and my sister's die-hard facination with the show. I really enjoyed the show while it was on the air, I really enjoy the reruns when A&E airs them, I'd certainly enjoy them on DVD. Hope this petition reaches people who can actually do something about this missing link in our lives!

Ivan Gonzalez Vilaboa -

Espero que pronto todos podamos disfrutar de esa maravillosa seria en DVD. Y en castellano!!.

Diane Pollock -

I want Northen Exposure and and I want it now ( or sometime in the reasonably near future, i'll allow a little time for the conversion)!!! I loved watching the show. We all miss Chris, Maggie, Shelly, Holling, Ed, Marilynn but since I don't have it on DVD I can't remember everyone's name. If universal won't do it, we'll find some one who will!!!
People of Cicily, UNITE!

Charles Belcher -

I hope this works.

Stewart -

Great series, I'll buy a set as well, someone please let me know when I can ..................

Best wishes from England......


toni velic -

greetings to all NX fans from Croatia!

Jadenusa -

Guys, stop pussyfooting around and release the kit and kaboodle on DVD! I noticed you released Season 1 in the UK... Do this, but also offer a complete set.

Jessica -

Northern Exposure is my all-time favorite show, and in my opinion one of the best ever on television. I would love to have the entire series on DVD, and since there are so many NX fans out there, I would bet that if it were released it would be a huge hit. I have as many episodes as possible taped from A&E, but not all, and not as good quality as is possible, so I beg you to PLEASE release Northern Exposure on DVD for myself and for all the people who would love to call Cicely home!

Nathan Summers -

Northern Exposure is, hands down, the best television show to ever grace the airwaves. I pledge to purchase the entire series on DVD the day it is released. You would make myself and the hordes of fans out there very happy while putting some cash in your pockets in the process. Do yourself a favor, check out how many fansites there are for NX on the web, you will see that there is more than enough demand to make this endeavor worth your while. Thanks in advance.

Bob Blackstone -

Release NX on DVD. I'll buy the whole series. With so much garbage around, it's unbelievable that one of the finest shows ever is not available on DVD.

julie reeung -

I will buy Northern Exposure DVD series -in a heartbeat.

john wright -

Please, please, please...from an Alaskan to whomever this concerns: release Northern Exposure on DVD at once! Or we will seceed from the union.

Ron Theunissen -

Northern Exposure is one of my all-time favourite TV shows. I would LOVE to get the entire collection on DVD.

Paul Mitchell -

I would purchase the entire collection on DVD!!!

Mark Prevette -

Not only would I buy the entire set, but I would also serve as the personal slave of those responsible for its release for one entire year!

Anonymous -

Bring it on! It would be in my collection of DVDs at the day its released. There is no other series that has an atmosphere like Northern Exposure ..

L.T. -

Just the other day I told my son the story of the sad day that N.E. went off the air .Please ,Please, PLEASE the powers that be, release this wisdom back into the world for future generations.Our world & nation are in chaos,bring back this bright light & let it shine & guide us. EVERYTHING I NEEDED TO KNOW WAS EXPLAINED BY CHRIS IN THE MORNING....

Patricia J. -

I would buy NX on DVD in a heartbeat. To those higher powers that be...PLEASE release it for those of us that need our NX "fix"...

Regy Varghese -


My wife is an avid fan of Northern Exposure. It would make her day if she were to get a DVD collection of the series. So, I would certainly buy a set.

Gwenn Miller -

We will buy the whole series for any price.

pavlo nofter -

I would buy the complete series of Northern Exposure on DVD. Lots of supplements please

Jeff Walkky -

It is said that for every person that writes a letter expressing an opinion, there are ten others that agree. I think it's a forgone conclusion that NE DVDs would be a hot seller. I think it's just a matter of time.

PS. In case anyone didn't know about
It is a good site for those who truly appreciate the show.


I thought the entire collection on DVD would exist already - needless to say I would buy the whole set and a few for gifts (if they don't buy it themselves). This was a truly great show, please bring it back to us!

Rita Wilkinson -

Please release this wonderful series on DVD. I want my kids to get a chance to see it! So many lessons to learn!

randi ballard -

I would love to see Northern Exposure on DVD.
I would buy a copy for my self and for gifts.

Tom Horne -

Sign me up as a buyer - I lived for this show. I can't wait.

David Cathey -

You know, at the same time our cro-magnon ancestors started burying themselves, they started burying bears. What does that mean? What's going on here?

The Big Bang of the human psyche. The recognition of death. We saw death and did what no other animal had done before: We dealt with it. We hit on the idea that death was not the end. That it was just a passage. That's why we gave Mr. Bear a proper funeral. So that he wouldn't come back pissed.

We were trying to make sense of the unknowable. What Joe Campbell calls the awakening of awe.

It's time to awaken some awe on DVD. Price is no objext. Take us back to Cicely where the unconscious is revealed through the imagery of our dreams, which express our innermost fears, desires and psychic perceptions. Jung first talked about it...or was it Vincent Price?

Steven Hudson -

The Best show ever needs to be on DVD, please make it happen soon. Thank you

Ulf Schoeneberg -

I would buy it on DVD,
I saw the german translation
and I love Cisely :)

Terry Craig -

This is a must have for me. I love this show and would love to see a reunion made for TV movie...........PLEASE! 8^)

Shana McDonough -

I am signing this petition to please ask that a DVD of all Northern Exposure episodes be released to the public. The Hallmark Channel is doing a rotten job of showing this wonderful show. It would be so much easier to get the occasional dose of Cicely via DVD.

Lorenzo canapicchi -

There is an UK version (zone 2) of the Dvd series here:

enjoy :o)

A. Nicole Fincher -

A Northern Exposure DVD set of the entire series would be great! Then, I could stop taping it in syndication at 2AM.

Kimble J. McSweeney -

Northern Exposure was more than a mere television show. All of the characters became as family to me! I could identify with each and everyone of them to some point. PLEASE make the entire Northern Exposure series available on both DVD and VHS. PLEASE!!

Torgny Nilsson -

I and a lot of my friends have been waiting for this series to be released on dvd. All of us would buy the whole series in a second if it was available. This series deserves to be preserved and viewed on dvd.

A Boyar -

I miss my 8AM fix of Northern Exposure. Please make it available on DVD.

Elizabeth Crone -

I'd definitely buy all the episodes.

Catherine Austin -

Please make all the episodes of Northern Exposure available on DVD! There is a very large group of consumers who are ready to buy!

Jorge -

I would like to see the whole Northern Exposure series on VHS and/or DVD.
Please make it available to buy.

Jerry J -

Fill the DVD with extra features, scripts and many other.

Neil H -

Come on put all the episodes out on DVD, you know it makes sense

John M -

For the love of god, stop the torture and release it!

Joshua D. Valtos -

I promise I will buy the entire series on DVD when it is released!!!!!!!!!!

Beth W -

Please release theh entire Northern Exposure series on DVD!!!!!! I want to buy them!

frank -

nx in dvd, now!
in spanish please

Robin A. -


Lorenzo Oggioni -

Sono italiano e amo questa serie tv...
é assolutamente essenziale che si faccia un DVD!!!!

Jonathan Odaiyar -

There is a great demand, where is the supply?

Sabrina -

NX has touched very many, why not share for the many more.

Anita -

This show has changed my life, let it change others too.

Kurtis Sanderiss -

I would love to have the entire series of "Northern Exposure" on DVD.

Ferdinand Kho -

NoEx is the only TV show I have not missed any episodes. I have to subscribe for cable service just to watch it in Hallmark channel. You would do us a good justice if you put the whole series in DVD for posterity. Fans like me are dying to have them.

Jay Rod -

Hook me up son!

Sherry Heitman -

They (whoever they are) say that you (Universal) have no control over who shows the series because it has been bought and paid for but you could exert some influence because, after all you produced it and once a week @ midnight(Hallmark Channel) is not enough nor is it fair. I heard they bought it for 5 years. If that's the cast, we need it on DVD all the more..... Please, see what you can do!!!

Bob Spencer -

If the "Northern Exposure" series is released on DVD, I'll purchase it. I have all the episodes that were made available on laserdisc and have home recordings of all the other episodes, but I would prefer to own it on DVD.

Andrew Cairns -

Northern Exposure was a HUGE success here in Australia. I can almost guarantee enormous returns if you will kindly release every episode on DVD. A boxed collection would be sure to sell well. PLEASE!

Bonnie -

I would definitely buy the complete set of NE on DVD. I got satellite tv JUST so I could get the Hallmark channel to watch the reruns! And tape them, of course. But I would prefer a "clean" copy on DVD.

Mia -

I'm a big fan of this series. Northern exposure definitely deserves a DVD edition.

chris fiskaa -

please put all of northern exposure on dvd.

Arthur -

I truly loved this show.
NX fans tend to be just as rabid as star trek fans. THEY WOULD BUY WHATEVER YOU RELEASE!

I guess those who own the rights to the show don't realize this, and don't think the .12 cent initial cost to crank out a mass production DVD won't turn them a profit at $19.95 a piece.
Go figure.

Anyway. another firm comitment to buy a complete run of episodes.


The world needs Northern Exposure on DVD.
I beseech you.

Johnathan Harling -

Please release Northern exposure on DVD.

Liz -

If you release it we will buy it.

pablo -

For the love of God ... please!!!!

tw -

I would like to see Northern Exposure on DVD, due to the fact that it is hard to find it playing on TV. It would be nice to have the entire series on DVD and it not cost an arm and a leg.

ben -

We need Northern on DVD!

Alex -

The Hallmark Channel is still airing the series, but how much longer will they do that? How likely is it that they will release the entire series for purchase? Its a great show! I would love to buy it.

Scott Clawson -

Come on, folks, even Twin Peaks is available on DVD! Northern Exposure needs and deserves a DVD release. I have never loved a TV series like I do Northern Exposure, and no other show since then has replaced it for me! You don't need to be fancy. Just give us the episodes on DVD, and we will buy. Please!

Zoltan Suhajda -

Northen Exposure is the BEST. I have seen every episode. Here in HUNGARY the last one was the Big Tree. Or something like that. I wat to see DVD, with real English voice.

Martin Madore -

I know I would buy the whole set...and I have two sets of the show on VHS!...let the extras flow...come on Universal!

Marcelo Hervé -

NX is the best i've seen every chapter twice, but that was 4 years ago, please release it in DVD.

i' will buy the whole set

i saw it in Chile, it is a worldwide phenomenon!!

Jose Ramon Lasso de la Vega Cano -

Por favor, Se agradeceria la version de "Doctor en Alaska", en DVD. Por supuesto en multilenguaje.


Juan Cisneros Abajo -

Sería muy bueno poder disponer de la serie "Doctor en Alaska" o "Northen Exposure" en DVD y en varios idiomas. Es una serie imprescindible y muy positiva.

Martine Pagé -

Why is this show not on DVD yet? This will sell like crazy!

Olga García Vizcaino -

I need "Northen Exposure" in DVD because i love that.
In spanish, please.
Thank you.

bill meyer -

The most literate, thought provoking and fun series ever broadcast. Why it is not available is beyond me. Please release and I will buy!!!!!

Shellie Miranda -

I have been a fan of NX since it first aired. I have all episodes on tape but not all of them from A&E which tried to air them as filmed (commercials in the original places meant for them). Hallmark just edits the shit out of them. Whole scenes go missing. I would buy a DVD set and continue to share NX with my grandchildren. It has a peaceful, intelligent, non-violent message. I really miss the show and wish Rob Morrow had stayed. He never made it big in the movies. John Corbett, Darren Burrows, Elaine Miles, Cynthia Geary had their niche as well.
Hope this message helps to get NX DVDs on the market!

Sara Canade -

Yes, please put Northern exposure on DVD. I just can't manage to stay up until Two am on Friday and Saturday in order to watch it on the Hallmark channel in our area. It's insane. We want Northern Exposure!! Not Chris Matthews!! Not Geraldo!!!..or everybody on the Fox channel (other than the Simpson's though.)

Robin Fisher -

Yes, please!!!!!!!!!!!

Brent Stauffer -

I love the show so much I bought a Ford pickup like one on NX! No, really. I would certainly buy all of the episodes on DVD.

Vince Ramsey -

Its my favorite show of all time and yes I would buy the dvd box set

Chris Angell -

You know, it's one of the only shows that I can get obsessive about. I've got a lot of them on VHS but no where near all of them. Heavily needed me thinks.

Maureen Ruane -

I was so depressed when NX ended its run on A&E and I don't have, nor know anyone who has, the Hallmark Channel. I can't exactly order it because I am in college and dorm. I am in the middle of collected X-Files on DVD and would most definitely add NX to my wish list if the episodes were released on DVD. That would definitely make this girl's dreams come true!

Lauri Peil -

I can assure you that even people in Europe are waiting for NX to arrive on DVD (ever heard of Estonia?; many fans there) and not just the first season, all of it. Take a look at the Twin Peaks DVD, it's just amazing what they did with the picture and audio quality (and are hopefully doing again for season two). Please do the same and you won't regret it... We can wait, but at least give us some hope...

Jason D. -

Come on universal television, if you could only begin
to understand how much money you would be making by releasing all 110 episodes of the series on dvd! What
a prestiges show too put on dvd, an emmy winner, peabody winner, golden globe winner and the critcs choice for quaility television winner. There are more northern exposure fans out here than you could possibly imagine!

James D. -

..fully agree - I'd gladly purchase all episodes from all seasons. I can't think of any reason why these shouldn't be released on DVD!

Nazima K. -

I will buy a DVD collection of the complete series of Northern Exposure.

Paul S. -

I would definitely purchase the DVD set!

Mark -

count me in



Joe Jensen Jr -

I would buy this series in a heart beat! To bad CBS blew it on this series.

Martha Menchaca -

Please release all seasons on DVD!

Bess -

Please release "NORTHERN EXPOSURE" on DVD. Thank you!

Betty Baker -

Bring it on - my dollars are ready to buy. NX is the greatest of all TV shows.

Adam, Sydney -

save me from my dying me the DVDs...

Josh -

Best idea since sliced bread! Northern Exposure on DVD would benefit the millions of fans, and make tons of $$$$ for the company producing them! A Win, Win situation.

Josh, New York City -

A complete DVD set of Northern Exposure would be amazing. I would buy the entire thing as soon as it came out.

Brian, New Orleans -

This is a no-brainer! I'm waiting with cash in hand.

Nicola, Hamburg, Germany -

It's the best show at all. put it on DVD!

Chris Weddle, West Lafayette, Indiana -

I painstakingly taped the entire series over the course of a year. I would still gladly shell out the money to have the entire series on DVD.

Daniel B. Asher, Reston, Virginia -

I too recorded nearly every episode of the series, but I have unfortunately misplaced the first 8 episodes - Argghh!
I would gladly purchase the entire series on DVD and I have many friends who would do the same. Please put it on DVD.

Joe Nolan in Ithaca NY -

My VISA is standing ready - I want my NX DVD set!!!

Rob Dixon -

I love this show

Kellly Zullo -

I'll buy the DVD when it's available!

Byron Peckham -

I Loved the show please put it out on DVD

Rosemary Geelan -

Please release the entire series Northern Exposure on DVD!

Shannon Morton -

I would buy it in a second..

Nicholas Golder -

I would be one satisfied customer if I owned Northern Exposure on DVD. Consumers are never wrong... get NX on DVD!

Karel Bekker -

We are truly puzzled it is not on DVD. We know many people would loved the series and would buy the DVD(s)

Debbra Dunning -

I am so glad to see there is a groundswell of interest for NX on DVD!
That is exactly what I am waiting for!! Please, whoever can make this happen,
do it!! You will definitely not be sorry!



Nicki Pike -

So how can we make it happen? I will buy the entire DVD collection. Two weeks ago I visited Roslyn, WA (aka Cicley) again and ran into many fans (on a Tuesday afternoon, no less). All are waiting for the DVD collection.

Sherwood Rollins III -

I absolutely loved Northern Exposure! I would buy the set as soon as it came out. Hmmm, maybe a few copies for presents!

Adrian -

Please Univeral Playback, don't make us beg.

Steve Barron -

Even if you did one season at a time. That would be okay. Please just give us something to gawk at.

Walter Buss -

Stop all this petition bulls---- and get going !!!

Jay Newberg -

Dear Universal Playback-

In all sincerity, I don't think my friends and I could open our fat, middle-class consumerist wallets fast enough when presented with an opportunity to buy NX on DVD...with cool commentary.

I'm 100% serious. I even own Moultrie Patten's (Walt the Trapper's) CD, for god's sake, so you know I'm a f-a-n. I've been to Roslyn, WA & had drinks at the Brick. I still have my 'Letters from Cicely' and 'Chris in the Morning' trade paperbacks from way back when.

My VHS tapes are wearing out & I can't get cable for religious reasons, so please, please release the DVDs.

In all seriousness, the majority of NX constitutes the high-water mark of television's achievements, in my humble opinion. What an unheard of, non-judgmental mixing of age, race, religion and personalities. Wunderbar!


minaret78 -

me likey Northern Exposure. Me want DVD.

John A -


Jason Livingston -

Absolutely, I would buy a full set of DVD's of Northern Exposure.

tina marie bevis -

I would definately purchase an entire set of northern exposure on DVD

Bill Stanley -

I have recorded as many eps on tape as I can, but a DVD collection is a must for this wonderful series. My only hope is "When" they put the eps on DVD they do them justice with a good transfer and many extras. Long Live Cicely

Mike -

I also want to buy the ENTIRE 110 episodes of the show on DVD.

By searching on ebay I see that the first season (* shows) is available, but only for regoin 2 and 4 DVD players. How do I get one for Region 1 (US)?


alexis -

well...this series has been a part of my life for some time...i've already have the first series, (which only is available @, in case you are interested) but i would like to have all the series!!!


Victor Walker -

I could really use DVD's of this show. Escapism is very important for my general health. I also noticed that the Hallmark Channel has done some creative editing when I saw an episode that was missing a scene that I had remembered from a previous viewing on A&E. I want to own everything that the creative producers tried to get onscreen. Somebody hurry up.

adamarie wallis -

i would also buy the complete Northern Exposure series on DVD. I have all the shows recorded on VHS, but the quality is somewhat lacking. it would be wonderful to own my favorite series on DVD. additions such as interviews, making of, old previews and promos would also be a wonderful addition! Please make this wonderful show available on DVD for all the devoted fans out there.

Otto -

I'm wearing out the 108 episodes I've got on video. You can have my first-born son. Or cash. Whatever it takes.

Gregory Gedeon -

I don't even own a DVD player but will buy one the day NX comes out and not a day sooner.

Travis Mullen -

Please shut us up (and spare us). Your release of all 6 NOrthern Eposure seasons onto DVD would be great!

Zoe Santilli -

Sign me personally up for two or three complete sets right now. I'd buy them to give away to a half dozen friends for christmas. Each year! Price is no object to us poor benighted souls, Universal Playback people-- can you not see that?

I have all seasons on VHS too (thank you, A&E) but its ridiculous, they take up *boxes* of space and they wear out.

Please, let us give you our money already.

Gary Kempson -

Make it!
I'll buy it.

Laura -

Northern Expsure on DVD -- a fantastic idea!!! I will buy it --

walter buss 3rd -

There are too many of us to ignore. If you have this many people signing a petition on the internet, imagine all the fans out there that are totally unaware of this petition and would gladly part with their hard earned money to purchase a DVD set for what is unquestionably the greatest series ever to be seen on TV.(With the Sopranos now a close second).

darren -

I'll gladly be #580! What a novel idea....making a wonderful series available for those who it intended and accomplished in creating.....the fans. Burning these onto thin plates of plastic is the least you can do!

suzanne -

My husband and I love this show and would love to purchase all episodes on DVD.

elana eli -

I will definitely buy the DVD of Northern Exposure when it is finally produced for us fans.

matt -

I NEED northern exposure on DVD to round out my life plan! I will give anything!

Stephanie -

I will buy the set. Please make it available!

Maya Saroj -

I watched the show from the beginning and I would love it if it were to be released on DVD! I mean shows like The Sopranos and Sex in the City already have DVD's out, why not a good show like NE? It's won enough emmy's and has enough followers that would buy it. Give us a break and release the entire running on DVD.

Alon Nahary -

P L E A S E ! ! !

Sander Mul -

Never seen a better show. Please do it.

Michael Paley -

In not relasing this on DVD, the producers may be underestimating the success of this great show. This one is a classic in a way other, more famous tv shows, will never be. I've already registered on to vote for it and to be told when this release will take place.

David A. Salomon -

Please make Northern Exposure available on VHS or DVD for purchase. I'll buy the entire series!

phil read -

Northern Exposure is what television is for.

I have immediately bought the few episodes I have seen avaliable on VHS and would very much welcome the opportunity to own the complete works.

Not to release this on DVD would be an act of almost criminal neglect. What are they waiting for?

GBrecht -

Oh, please, please make this available. This former Alaskan (still Alaskan in my heart) would love to own the entire series.


We, the undersigned, kindly request the release of a complete Northern Exposure series DVD box set. Thanks.

James Gilliam -

Definitely one of the best and my favorite television series of all time. I couldn't wait to tune in every Monday night and hear that familiar music and watch the moose stroll down the street as the show started. I miss it, want it, need it and gotta have it on DVD!!!!!!!! Will the powers that be please "WAKE UP!" Get this series onto DVD ASAP!

damien Timmer -

Yes please, all seasons (with commentary though - in UK I have got season 1 on dvd, but no commentary)...

greg jamieson -

I have to make do with the rare repeats on ITV2. Release the whole series on VHS and DVD and I would definitely buy.A programme as gentle, humanitarian and thoughtful as this deserves to live on, thanks

Soozeeq -

I fell in love with NX on reruns 'cuz I didn't have time to watch TV when it was originally aired. Too bad it didn't last longer, but sometimes less is more, and that's *definitely* true of this series (with the exception of the last few episodes when the magic began to dissolve with the cast changes).

I would very much love to own the entire series. NX is classic TV literature, and hopefully the powers that be will be bright enough to recognize that and produce it on DVD at affordable prices.

Jennifer Robideau -

please put out all the seasons on dvd- i know great lovers of this show that would die for such a thing...
where can i monitor the status of this plea?

josé serrano -

it's the best serie i've ever seen.

lexi a. -

northern exposure on dvd! please.

Mark F -

I would definately buy the whole series on DVD.

Chris Roy -

Please make the entire NX series available on DVD. Thanks!

John Bridges -

It's long past time for this series to be available on DVD. I really miss my weekly visits to Cicely; please do something soon, and with as many extras as possible (cast interviews, commentary, etc.).

Kurt Schumacher -

I would buy every episode on DVD.

Kirk Swenson -

Yeah, why is it that one of the best series is still not on DVD? How are we suppose to prove to our children that smart, funny and wacky television can be produced.

Tri Nguyen -

I would pay any amount of money for NX on DVD. You hear that marketing executives?

H.W. Miller -

Please, don't let this classic series be lost. Unlike Iris DeMent I am not accepting the loss of "Our Town".

Greg Dreyer -

I too, would love to have every episode on DVD.

Greg in Texas

Nick Dillon -

I would Definately buy it

Stephanie Dreyer -

A great idea!

Tony Vitale -

Please,please,please.......three times please, put all of Northern Exposure on DVD...........thank you!

Clyde LeFevre -

Would like to buy the entire series on DVD

J. Markley -

Please release the Northern Exposure Series on DVD. There is a great following for the show and it would make a lot of NXers a happy bunch! Why we even get together yearly to celebrate our love of the show and the many new friendships it has allowed us to form! Just Do It! and many thanks!

bo branch -

my life depends on this.
please release on dvd!!!!!!

Mikhail Tchoubko -

The best TV show... Own 1st seasoon on UK region2 DVD, can't wait for full series DVD release US region

Kevin Carlisle -

There's never been a better show, and I've worn my old VHS tapes out. I would certainly buy the Northern Exposure Series on DVD the moment it was released. In fact, I would likely buy several copies for friends and family too, if I could afford it!

Jerry H -


lyn sage -

i would not hestitate to buy the entire series on dvd, even if it didn't come with additional footage or cast commentary or any of the other trimmings that are usually added on dvds.

Daniel Yocum -

I would buy the complete set reulting in profit for you.

Shawn -

NX gives me an escape to a world were problems are solved in an hour. Please release EVERY episode on DVD. The response will be phenomenal. Even in other parts of the world. Thanks.

michael-david arr kerns -

please consider making the series available on dvd, by year.

the vhs tapes are sporadically available but incomplete--and they wear out rather quickly.

Stewart Bryson -

I pledge to buy three copies... several NX fans in the family.

Rick Schnase -

I would love to own the entire series. Northern Exposure is classic TV, and hopefully the powers that be will recognize that and produce it on DVD. I will definately buy the entire series.

Jamie Wood -

There seems to be enough interest, so it may be worth letting Universal know personally here:-

to see if anyone's listening!

Hannah Mullen -

How many signatures do you need? Release it already. I ran into so many people when we lied in Iowa that missed the show. Now we live in Kansas City and find the same. To release all seasons of N.E. would not only please the purchasing public, but your pocket books, as well. COME ON UNIVERSAL! DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY FANS GATHER YEARLY AT A NORTHERN EXPOSURE FESTIVAL ALONE THAT WOULD BUY THIS???

Joaquín Delgado Gallardo -

Doctor en Alaska... una serie que en cualquiera de sus capítulos me ha dejado un buén sabor de boca... y de ánimo. Espero que la repitan, que la pasen a DVD o lo que sea con poder disfrutarla nuevamente.

Mary Hughes -

One of the all-time great series!

Fremont Scott -

Please. You owe it to the masses of people who are dependent on Northern Exposure. To not do so would be a dereliction of your duties. It's cruel not to. So I say again; please.

Billy Willmott -

Just a big please, please, please for the release of all the series - The first was released her in the UK over 15 months ago and still no news of the second, third etc...
Growing up is a pretty naf thing to face - it helps to have some escapism and nothing hits the spot more than NX - not even close.
The tapes are in the acrhives and the buyers are all waiting - make an ageing young miser's day - go on - u know u want to.
Thanx xxx

Felicia -

Just to let you know, I'm from Singapore. Yes, NX fandom stretches that far... Bring out the DVDs please!!!

Barry Atkins -

It is a must!

Lloyd Smith -

Why are DVDs available in Great Britain, but not the U.S.? This is rank stupidity on Universal's part! I would buy every season tomorrow if a Region 1 DVD was available!

David Measles -

I would like to see "Northern Exposure" released on DVD. Something along the lines of what's been done with "X-Files".

Kimiye Tipton -

We know Universal can use all the cash it can get right now. Release of the Northern Exposure DVD's would bring a nice little chunk of change with relatively inexpensive outlay. The online fan community will advertise for you. Do it now, do it right!

adrian -

Please release the entire series on dvd...many of my family members are willing to buy this their favorite show.

Kevin -

I never post anything on the net, and I never sign petitions - until now... Strange that I should feel so strongly about a TV show... If Great Britain has Northern Exposure on DVD, why on earth don't we? Stop the insanity!!!! Put NX on DVD!

Louise Harlow -

Please put this wonderful show on DVD, we the fans need it. I am raising 2 children with autism, and this show is the only way I get through a day. What if my videos wear out? It would be a medical emergency for me to get them on DVD.

Tom Mergard -

I want NX on DVD

Eric Laundrie -

I would definitly buy the complete series set of the "Northern Exposure" series if it were produced.

Scott Haigley -

Would really enjoy this series on DVD.

Jason K. Allen -

I can't believe a classic show such as Northern Exposure isn't already on DVD! I would certainly buy any available Northern Exposure DVDs.

Ryan Carson -

I wanted to buy this whole collection on DVD years ago. What's up. I know it would sell better than most of the DVD's they are making out of crap these days.

Ellie -

Northern Exposure on DVDs is the greatest idea. I would so buy the set(s) in a heartbeat. :)

Nicole Gellings -

I have it recorded on VHS, I'm sure I'm missing a few episodes, I would LOVE to have the complete collection!

Dale Mustard -

yes, yes, yes!

Susan Sparks -

Please put the series on tape. Its so hard to find reruns on when I can watch them!

Jamy Jones -

This was the greatest TV show ever made. All the charactors were wonderful. It was a show I could watch with my family. I have been looking for the complete set of these shows and would love them in DVD so they will last thru the many times my family would want to watch them... I want every show. not just the ones that someone else think were the best. They all were perfect.

JD Fye -

Northern Exposure was/is one of the best television shows ever. I would love to be able to buy the complete series on DVD.

Beth Newman -

Please let's get NX on DVD!! I have every episode on VHS, and now every episode is slowly deteriorating. I want them in a form I can keep forever!

Scott Bastian - Australia -

I too would love to see the entire collection released on DVD in any reigon but if it is done, make sure it's a decent transfer. I bought the HMV UK Series 1 which cost me over $100AU and it was a load of shit. My taped collection looked clearer. I'll wait if it's done right but in saying that, please make a start.

Mark Wetzel -

I, too, would buy the entire series as soon at is released. Especially now that I can't find the series in reruns anywhere. Come on Universal, do it.

Larry Ellsworth -

Absolutely the greatest show of all time. I could have the crappiest of days and turn on NX and feel really good. I am dying a slow death here without it. I don't even own a DVD player but I guarantee that if and when this set is released I will immediately go out and purchase it. Along with a DVD player! My life doesn't feel right anymore. I feel so alone. Do the right thing!!!!!!!

W. McCaffrey -

Release it on DVD and I will purchase it.

Eric Kelly -

Absolutely, I'd buy the whole thing on DVD. Please, please, please!

Sean Lowe -

I've been waiting for a full series release of Northern Exposure for years.

Joshua Moschiano -

if you release it, they will come.
i miss joel, chris, maggie, and all of cicely. please release te series on dvd.

T Bleck -

One of the most consistently creative shows. I was quite happy to see that others have the same desire for a full DVD box set.

Janet Brown -

In the UK, NX is no longer available for those who cannot afford digital/ satellite TV, so how about letting us get it on DVD?

Alicia Zander -

Please consider releasing the entire 6 season (110 episodes) of Northern Exposure on DVD. The dedicated fans would purchase the series and be very grateful.

Alicia Zander -

Please consider releasing the entire 6 season (110 episodes) of Northern Exposure on DVD. The dedicated fans would purchase the series and be very grateful.

Rob Kramer - UK -

Brilliant series - Please give us the DVD set!

Jennifer McCain -

Please PLease PLease! I must have Northern Exposure on DVD! It's a necessity! Like water or air! I NEED THEM!!! PLEASE!!! I'm not above begging. :-)

Stephanie Musgrove -

I would buy the dvd set and a dvd player to go with it.

Steve Stamps -

It would make the world a better place.



Mario Panighetti -

Please give us Northern Exposure on DVD. The quality of life as we know it would be vastly improved. Warring nations would embrace, famine and poverty would cease, the lion will bed with the lamb! DVD!!!!!

Mike -

A Northern Exposure DVD set would be a guaranteed Christmas gift purchase for my girlfriend this year.

Joe Roberts -

Ill buy the whold damn set. Maybe some for my friends. Best show still on t.v.

Robert Howcroft -

Gimme Gimme Gimme Please on DVD i'll buy em all!!!!Still the best thing made for TV.Cicely forever.Come on Universal get your fingers out!!!!

Heather Schiffke -

How hard can it be to release this great show on DVD?

Dave Doorn -

I would buy the whole series. I videotaped every episode at its original airing, but I want it on longer lasting, higher resolution DVD. They're missing financial gain by not releasing this. I know others who would gladly spend a reasonable sum to be able to visit our NX family whenever we wished.

nanette gage -

I would buy the entire series. My VHS versions are fading away.

Mike Pavlich -

Like most of the others listed here, I taped the original series, and they are now fading. Please release the entire show on DVD. I'd certainly purchase it. I've bought the entire Twilight Zone series and the current release of West Wing on DVD. Lets have Northern Exposure.

Jeff Helms -

I often drift off to visit the edge of the Alaskan Riveria and would more than be willing to buy the set on DVD as my old tapes are fading.

David Jonas -

Without a doubt. I would by the entire series on DVD, and probably for my father as well.

Paulo Almeida -

Please Put the show on DVD !!!!!! I will Buy it all !!!

Patrick Murphy -

This was certainly a classic television program. I was just asking a friend today,who buys sets of his favorite TV series,if he knew of any Northern Exposure DVD's. The music,alone,showed someone had very ecletic,but excellent taste with what was chosen for each show. This was a program filled with values and well developed characters. It should be constantly rerun,and would be fun for any generation. Hopefully,this program will eventually be available on DVD. I can see a devoted fan base wanting to buy it and spread the word to their friends.

chris michalek -

I think that it is a travesty that the complete Northern Exposure experience is not availible on dvd in the United States (I have seen region 2 and 4 versions out there but no region 1 for us. Why is this classic American show availible for Europe and not for the good ol' U S of A?). I would buy a complete set the moment that it became availible!!

suzy -

i miss getting my Northern Exposure fix! please put it out on DVD, and VHS too!

Ian Taylor -

Complete season on DVD please.

Barbara Napoli -

One of the greatest TV shows of all times... PLEASE give us the whole series on DVD!!!!

Rebecca Prahl -

Everyone needs more moose.

Juan Manzano -

I need a complete series Northern Exposure DVD edition in my dvdteque now!. Please!!!!

Greetings from Spain.

Gene -

Definitely interested in a DVD collection of NX. There's nothing on TV right now that's even remotely as interesting and that's sad!

Mark -

I would love to buy "Northern Exposure" on DVD. Please, please, make it happen :-)

anabel -

PLEASE make Northen Exposure available on DVD. I've been looking to buy for a while. Thanks.

Gonçalo Gomes -

Yes please, the complete series on DVD. Fast, please...

Chris -

I'm in England, over here they have released Northern Exposure series 1 on DVD. It has no special features, and due to poor sales they scrapped any plans to release further series, D'oh! So, they whet my appetite with 8 episodes then rip it away leaving me feeling worse than I did before.

So, PLEASE release the complete set in America/Canada as it looks like it's got more fans over there - and I can buy it on import.

T.T -

Please. One of the unique shows that always left you feeling good and relaxed. Should be done.

Rick Rios -

The best TV series in decades (if ever) I would purchase the entire series DVD or VHS. Let's make this happen!!

Kathleen Kammer -

I am DESPERATELY searching for ways to watch NX!! I will BUY the DVDs!

Rush A. -

Universal Playback would sell a MILLION of these if they would release the entire Northern Exposure Library on DVD. There would be midnight madness sales all around the country the night before the release!! I'd wait in line to get a set!!

Chris Thornton -

series one on VHS is just torture - get the rest released NOW! VHD, DVD, anything is better than nothing.

Fran Dango -

I would buy the entire series.

Dan Rhudy -

I have two copies of each episode on VHS and dread the day the tapes go bad. I would buy two copies if the entire series was released on DVD.

Benjamin Adams -

I would love to have Northern Exposure on DVD. To date it is my wife's and my favorite television series. We try to catch it whenever it's on the Hallmark channel but it's usually very late at night. Count on me to buy at least one copy if it's ever produced.

Rebecca Hill -

Please, please, please. Let us get what we want. I would love to have the ENTIRE Northern Exposure series on DVD. I am an avid fan and am already purchasing all the X-Files on DVD and would love to add Northern Exposure to my collection. I am looking forward to getting the Hallmark Channel so I can see them all over again (and again and again). Come on!! Give us an awesome Christmas or New's Year's gift!!!!

Laurie Bunting -

If we have to beg we will!!!There is no series that compares..........I would definately(at any cost) buy the DVD series without a question......I also have each and every episode taped on VHS,but would be much easier and cleaner on would last FOREVER,and that's what I want.I will be watching the same old episodes when I'm old and grey,I love them that much..........but that will only happen if I own them on DVD........come on make an old women happy!!!!!As I will be that women someday.......

Patricia Resnick -

Please, please, please!
I recently lost my collection of video tapes, including the complete NX series, when I moved and had some things stolen from the truck.
I WOULD BUY the episodes complete and in the superior DVD quality format. The show is not on any television station right now, cable or broadcast, so I have no way of reproducing what was one of my treasures.
Please listen to us!

David L. West -

I will buy it

Chris Eliasson -

I too am a NX nerd... I especially like Chris Stevens! I would absolutely buy a DVD series of the show. I think it would be DY-NO-MITE!

Kathleen Kennedy -

Every day I find a moment to long to be in Cicely. I feel strongly that the entire series should be made available and would gladly purchase more than one set.

Steve Guldenzopf -

If i do not get DVDs of NX I will continue the eating of fetuses.

Ginger Wolfson -

Sign me up for the first release...Full series, please.

Guy Melton -

I want the NE DVD!

Adam Meyer -

I am only 20 and when the program first aired I would sneak back down after my brother and I had to go to bed and watch it with my mom. I have seen all of the episodes multiple times and would be willing to pay alot to have all of the episodes in dvd format.

Greg Cone -

NX on DVD would be so awesome!

Michael Rose -

I will buy it the day of release.

Declan Haskins -

Northern Exposure was the best T.V. series of the 90's. I'd be excstatic to see it released on DVD. I'd buy a copy of the series for myself and I'd most likely buy other copies to give out as gifts to my friends and relatives. Please release it on DVD!!!

elizabeth -

please put this great show on dvd, i'm waiting anxiously to purchase nx for myself and my folks for christmas

Andrew Labay -

I'll buy it.

j schreier -

Even VHS would be OK.

Is the series still shown on Hallmark?

Angela Stone -

I will buy an official high quality transfer of the TV show Northern Exposure on DVD. Ideally other valuable info would be also put on the DVD like
-original inspiration for the show, the different characters
-someone talking about all the philosophical stuff that Chris the radio DJ talks about on air
-how they where able to get someone to back such a left field show

adam deckinger -

I would LOVE the series on DVD. I will buy it the day it comes out!

Marius Skeie -

A release means I've gotta buy me a DVD player('bout time some would say) but why the series hasn't been released yet on DVD(and far from complete on VHS) is to me a big mystery, it is simply put: the best show to ever run on TV.

Jude Montes -

Why is it that in europe they can get the dvd and we in the states can't???? we are the ones that made the show. I stay up until 1am to watch nx on the hallmark channel, but now it is not showing anymore. I miss maggy,joel,ed,marilyn,shelly,holling and the rest of the gang. I WOULD BUY THE DVD SET OR THE VHS SET BUT ITS NOWHERE TO BE FOUND. OK MAYBE EBAY BUT VERY POOR QUALITY. PLEASE HELP BRING MY FRIENDS BACK TO MY TV SCREEN.

Rex Toles -

One of the best shows I've seen on TV. I will buy it immediately when it comes out on DVD.

Deni Rico -

I would dearly love to be able to buy the entire series of Northern Exposure on DVD, or VHS.

Lloyd Blizzard -

Sign me up

jayne -

you provide the series, I'll provide the dvd player in my rec room

Annalee Utsman-Peoples -

Sign me up. Definitely the t.v. show with the most exceptional actors, characters, writers, directors, etc. of ANY t.v. series. The only series that I can recall with Heart (the real stuff- not sappy or contrived) and Spirit

Suzanne Clary -

Definitely, definitely, I'd buy the entire series on DVD. It is my all-time favourite show!!

Steve Konya II -

I will ask the studio executives nicely "Please!"


It would be so WONDERFUL if I could buy a complete set of Northern Exposure. I loved this show so much that I bought a moose! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE MAKE A DVD OF THE ENTIRE SERIES. I WILL PROBABLY BUY TWO COPIES OF THE ENTIRE SERIES!!!!! THANK YOU SOOOOOOOO MUCH!

David -

My wife and I watch videotaped episodes almost daily, but some are starting to show their age. Please make all of the Northern Exposure episodes available on DVD, and I guarantee that we will by the entire set!

Eulalia Vicens -

I would love to see the whole Northern Exposure series on DVD.
Please make it available to buy. I'm from Spain

Pam Bartoshewski -

I would also like to buy the whole series on DVD

Briana Groves -

I have never enjoyed a televisions series more than Northern Exposure. The few taped episodes I have are getting worn out. I am willing to pay for the entire collection. Please, I beg whoever holds these episodes hostage...RELEASE THEM. They are much needed by the public.

Lorie Byard -

Please issue the entire Northern Exposure Series on DVD.
Thank you
Lorie Byard

Stephen De Lorme -

Not only would I buy the entire 110 episodes, if or when it becomes available on DVD I will place an advanced order to make sure I am one of the first to purchase the series. This would be considered the all time collection to have. I beg you please release this series on DVD.

Thank you

Robert -

Out of all the TV series in the 90's, NX is by far one of the best!! It's time to put it on DVD for thousands of it's fans to enjoy!!!

Laura Graham -

PLEASE release this on DVD. I would buy it immediately. I still can't get Toy Cows out of my mind.

Dave Balachandran -

I hope this petitions goes to the right people. The number of people who signed this is by far an understatement the actual number of people who would purchase the ENTIRE COLLECTION. I would love to be abel pre-order such a DVD collection were it to become available. It used to be on TV recently at 1:00am in the mornings. It would be so much easier to watch the episodes on DVD whenever I wanted to. PLEASE RELEASE THE DVD COLLECTION!

Ken Taber -

Here in Australia, we do not even get reruns of this superb show. Release of the entire series on DVD will be greatly appreciated!

Jeremy Henmi -

I would purchase any dvd's of this show if they came out.

Ted -

I understand the time and money it takes to create a DVD, however, there are way too many people who would love to buy the DVD's of the entire series, including myself of course. Since I listen to the mp3 of the classic intro on a regular basis, and used to watch it, and watch it some MORE, before Hallmark pulled it, I would as well buy the BEST series of all time, at least in my books. I know it would make me very, very happy, if you could, you ask my wife.

John Iwanicki -

I'll buy it.

Henry T. Burmeister -

I would so buy it! :) My words cannot do this show justice-- I just plain have to have it!

Mercedes Elizalde Salazar -

"Doctor en Alaska", es en mi opinión, la mejor serie de Tv hecha hasta ahora, y merece grabarse en un soporte duradero como es el DVD. (Multilenguaje).


Robin Fisher -

I would buy the whole series in a quick second if it became available. Hallmark is taking it off the air and I feel like going over there and drop-kicking a few butts!

NE has a huge fan base and the DVD release is a no-brainer as far as economics are concerned. So, what's the hold-up? If anyone on this petition finds out about a release, please let me know. You can also sign up at If enough people sign up there, will certainly put pressure on whomever owns the rights to release it. Just search for Northern Exposure and click on the DVD link to sign up.

Clay Gaspard -

It has been over 10 years since I started watching this show and I still regard it as one of the best series that has ever run on television. I remember watching every night when it became syndicated and being able to just totally escape from everything to Sicily, Alaska for an hour.

Clay Gaspard -

Oh, yeah. I'd buy it in a second!

michael -

I would be honored to have the entire series in my collection of dvd's. It is a stress releiving show that takes you to a place of serenity, meaning, and exitement...Sicily (even if it doesn't really exist). I implore you to release this most precious show on dvd for all to enjoy. Thank you.

Michael Burn -

With a market in dire need of new content, and sizeable returns on investment, the Northern Exposure box set will sell and at an acceptible profit.

If available, I will buy the entire Northern Exposure box set as soon as possible.


Chris Jones -

Northern Exposure was quite simply the best show ever aired on television. It is a crime that the show is not still in production, let alone released on DVD. I look forward to the day when I can at least view all the classic epicodes via DVD.

Jess Lybbert -

NX was and still is one of the very few tv shows that i still love to watch, and will watch before anything else. The feel I get after an episode is undiscribable. Ive been looking for a dvd set or any type of set for a long time and would love to get it if you would only put it out. PLEASE put it out.

Chris Howard -

I pledge to buy Northern Exposure on DVD (every last scrap that they would be willing to put out). My only request it that you release it in entire seasons, and not chopped up into seperate little episodes as were done for the VHS release.

Carter Campbell -

Come on you can buy the Beverly Hillbillys on DVD and not NX?
Please release Northern Exposure on DVD in whole season sets, Christmas is coming... :)

Mikolaj Wilczynski -

Oh, yes. I deeply wish to have all the NX episodes on DVD just im my TV room.

shane -

over 800 signatures and counting... count me among them. please release NX on DVD.

Hans Maurer -

That's the movies, Ed. Try reality. - No thanks.
I definitely need the DVDs (heck, I even bought 3 or 4 CDs with one
title from NX each).

Matthew Isom -

We would be willing to make the investment in the best show of all time. This show is so rich, so literary.

kevin kokoszka -

i would purchase the whole series if made available on DVD. thanks.

Kasie Mckenna -

I would buy the set for friends, family and all the people who need a little bit of wit and wisdom in their life.

David Fornshell -

I concur wholeheartedly.

Jack "Howler" Mason -

I believe I, too, would buy the set as a gift for friends, family and all the people who need a little bit of wit and wisdom in their life. Hee hee... I would like to have a set all to myself, as well.

Zelimir Kolaric -

Just do it - we will buy them all !!


Yes!Whacked out Americans need their hometown back!Please release the entire series on DVD. Think of the money to be made! Think about the children!The precious little children! And.... the wildebeasts! Wildebeasts need quality DVD based programs to enjoy or else their lives will be empty, and thats a trajedy that we as humans just can't afford, especially in these trying times. What better show to help the poor, oppressed Wildebeasts than Northern Exposure!

Matt Sherwood -

Give us the DVD's, you know it's the right thing to do!

Matt Herzog -

It'd be nice to have this series on DVD. I would definitely purchase them all. Been waiting a long time.


John Kelly -

Given the popularity of NORTHERN EXPOSURE it would definatly be a worth-while venture. I know I'd buy it!

Sue Jarrett -

My videos have now died and I need to see the bubble man again - I'd buy it.

Huck Chen -

NX is one of my precious memories during my stay in US at early 90's. I have always wanted to buy the complete seires. Not the so-call "best of", but the WHOLE series. Please make them available in DVD, so that I can show them to my grandsons, if I am going to have any.

Jeffrey Jones -

I would buy them as soon as they hit the shelves!

Lance G -

I would like to see the entire series on DVD, and I would defintely purchase.

Michael Stiers -

I firmly believe that the entire Northern Exposure collection should be available on DVD. Not only that, but an extensive box-set collection or more individual discs of the music used in the series would be great, too!

justin bryant -

please do it.

James B -

Please release the complete NX series on DVD.

Gracie H. -

What is wrong you? Are you Making us wait for a reason? Why is there a Region 2 version of Season 1, and a Pal version of the complete 6 season box set?
Here we can by 13 episodes on individule VHS tapes for anywhere from $19.00 - $100.00 dollars each. We could buy a multi regional DVD player and the Region 2 First Season DVD set for less money. Come On Guys, there is obviously a demand for this, now let's get it out there.

Tony V -

I want my Northern Exposure on DVD!!!
Every single episode. I don't care about extras.

Quarr Tezz Xe' -

DVD me to Cicily // the whole ball of wax not jsut a few selected episodes

Peter Neilsen -

Count me in. I like Michael Stiers' idea about the music as well.

Brett Perkins -

Get It done!

Christy G. -

My husband and I both want it on DVD! It's absolutely the best of any TV series. Owning just the few VHS tapes isn't nearly enough. We would buy all the seasons in a second!

Ross -

I'd love to see Northern Exposure on DVD, and I'd certainly buy all the seasons, as it's a charming, funny, and touching show, one of the best ever made, and it explores the human condition. Please consider releasing it on DVD.

Shannon Tai Graham -

Please release the Northern Exposure series on DVD, I'd buy it over and over again!!

Lindsay Nehm -

I'd camp out in the snow for this one.

Carrie Knapp -

I would definitely buy the entire series on DVD. And I know there are many other fans out there who will do the same. This show has a dedicated following, and should be available for future generations to fall in love with also. Please put the entire series on DVD, it's long overdue, and there is most certainly a market for it.

Jim and Sharon Lind -

I would buy the entire series on DVD in a heartbeat (and I'd buy it for all my friends and family)!

Liz Niblock Hofstetter -

Sign me up! I'll be at the store the day it's released; better yet, I'll pre-buy it!

Michael J. Greene -

Just when I'd forgotten the addiction, it found me again. Every episode, every scene is translatable (in some way) to real life. I can't think of any show that's done it better.

Haakon Wheeler -

Northern Exposure is one of my all-time favorite shows. If you released it to dvd, I would take up a loan if I had to, because nothing would stop me from buying that set.


Nick Plotquin -

I need to buy Northern Exposure on DVD
I hate television but there are a few shows that are worth while.If the sopranos are good enough to sell on dvd than
certainly Northern Exposure is too.

Tom Culbertson -

I'd love to see the whole NX series on DVd in American NTSC format. It's only available in PAL for the first 2 seasons.

Eric Sindorff -

Put Northern Exposure on DVD!

Benja Pongpitoon -

I would buy every episode, if it were available on DVD today. It is a show of utmost originality and artistic value. This show reaches out to people, in a way no media, especially on television ever has or will.

christopher julian -

happy to see series1 on dvd in region 2 how abou the rest???

Shawn Stilwagon -

You sell the DVD's and we will buy them:)

Jason Hansen -

Would love to have every episode on DVD. It is the best show ever made.

Gaynor Sandall -

Yes Please! The entire series of Northern Exposure on DVD. You can have my cheque now!!

luca iezzi -

please please
in italy they run the entire series only one time. I didn't recorded it

Bob -

If you make it, I'll buy it.

Charles and Susan -

We would certainly be some of the first in line to buy the entire series on DVD!!!!

Kristijan Poznik -

That would be great!!! NX is special, so it deserves its DVD issue! Greetings from Croatia!

federico garcia -

Eso, eso en DVD y doblada o con subtítulos en castellano.

Janelle Taggart -

Please, PLEASE give us our cake, er, Northern Exposure. I promise to buy every single episode.

Laura Harvey -

Please put the entire series on DVD. I will buy every single episode. This is the best TV show ever. It deserves to be on DVD. Thank you for your time.

Rick -

Please, release the entire series on DVD. Some of the best TV ever will be lost if someone doesn't preserve it for future generations. I'll buy several sets if it is available, and I know of other folks who think likewise.

Andrea Rumpler -

in german, too !!!

Warren R. Christianson II -

I have to say that in my twenty nine years of existence, I've never been drawn to a tv show the way that I was drawn to Northern Exposure. Whether someone produces a dvd set legally licensed or illegally (anybody please?), I will buy it. As a medical student I don't have that much money to spend, but would definitely scrape together money for a complete dvd set of Northern Exposure.

B Fuller -

I have been waiting for years now for this set to be released, and with as many other series' coming out on DVD I have been truly disappointed to not see NX on the list so far. I am not a fan of TV in general, but I found something definitely unique about the NX series and enjoyed watching it like nothing else before. Every episode seemed to have a good message in it, and as the closing credits would roll each night, I would turn the TV off with a smile. Universal has got a guaranteed winner with this one and I will be one of the first in line to take it home.

Glenda Pantley -

I'd buy the entire series if it were offered for sale on DVD. What are you waiting for??

Douglas Thompson -

Please make them available in US format as well. The show is highly treasured!

D. Ernst -

sign us up!

Dawn -

I would like to purchase the entire Nothern Exposure series on DVD...........

L Thio -

I'd definitely buy the whole set of NX on DVD - the first season is NOT ENOUGH.

paul dahlke -

There are a lot of people out there who love the show and don't know about this petition. I can say, that without a doubt, there are literally thousands that would buy the whole series. Please quench the thirst we all have for good television and release this on DVD.

Allen Orcutt -

How can "Alf" be on DVD and not NX?

Scooter Mounce -

I would to have the complete series on dvd. it would be be a great addition to my collection. northern exposure is a great series..

Chris Vardas -

Universal created one of the all-time great, well-written TV programs; intelligent, thoughtful and enlightening. Don't bury it, please. This is programming of which you can be proud.

lourdes -

I need to buy this dvd, please

Nikita Fleischman -

Hi Cicely!!!!

Yeah, it´s possible. Thanks to Northern Exposure you can find spanish cicelians!!!! You can find cicelians around the world!!!!! NX is a classic that will last forever and all the cicelians WANT and NEED it in DVD!!! Our future generations will appreaciate it!!!! So, come on!!!!! We need to be able to watch our heroes and friends, our folks Joel, Maggie, Chris, Ed, Marilyn, Maurice, Shelly, Holling, Ruth Anne, Walt, Dave, etc in our homes FOREVER!!!

jeanne miller -

I would definately buy all 110 episodes on DVD!!!

Steve Warner -

Don't you want my money and make me happy?

Jason Davis -

I need NX

Rob Kahl -

The only show I ever really liked.

Caty Hespel -

Not only Americans care for NX. Here in Belgium we're fond of it too! I've been looking for a while now and even thought that it existed, that I just couldn't find it!
I will buy the entire Northern Exposure series on DVD when it is produced.

simon crosse -

DVD??? Please do it and make us all happy. One of the few complete series sets I would ever buy !

lucy kazyak -

Would love to have Northern Exposure on DVD!

Salue Lek -

Just do it...Look how many want it!!! This is one of the best TV shows ever.

Patricia Ireland -

All die hard "Northern Exposure" fans would buy the set if you would make it on DVD.Why do you think so many of us travel over 3000 miles to go to moosefest in Washington state and see Maurice and other cast members,WE LOVE THE SHOW

ugur bayazit -

i am from turkey and northern exposure is like a tv myth here.
please do a favor to the people who can appreciate quality all around the world.

ugur bayazit -

i am from turkey and northern exposure is like a tv myth here.
please do a favor to the people who can appreciate quality all around the world and make a complete box set dvd editon of northern exposure.

David St. Jean -

All time best how!!!!!!!!!!!!

David St. Jean -

All time best show!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shawn Loch -

If they make it, I will buy. Nothing better to have on DVD than Northern Exposure to add to my collection.

Kenneth M. Davis -

This show deserves to be on DVD. It is one of the best written shows ever on TV. It takes us to a special time and place that is like nothing no-place on earth, but could be every-place; all it would take is some major adjustment in attitude, tolerance, openess to spritual growth.... It has the sense of community that we all long for but do not know how to achieve.

Kevan Daniel -

"Twin Peaks", "Buffy...", and even "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" are now on DVD. Get with it Universal, we want Northern Exposure.

Crystal -

I hope that they put the entire N Ex series on DVD. I would love to have them.
I own all the vhs episodes.
If I watch at least 1 episode per day
It keeps me in the proper frame of mind regarding my own life.

mark hamilton -

every episode on DVD please

Beck -

Greetings from the UK. We can only get series 1 on DVD at the moment, and only at HMV. Please, please can we buy the entire series? NX is my all-time favourite TV programme.

Bryce Hunter -

I'd buy the DVD collection in a heartbeat. I've watched each episode many times over but never get tired of it.

Les Weston -

Please get the entire series out on either DVD or VHS packages (i.e. like the 3 tape set of season #1).

Janet Marquardt -

I watch this show on home-tapes, from start to finish, every couple of years and it just gets better and better. It is ridiculous that Northern Exposure, with its great writing, acting, and music, has to languish in obscurity while other stuff gets put out on DVD. Every episode, every season, in one DVD collection, and it would be a SMASH. Just look at all the people who are obsessed with the show (still!) on the internet. That's only the tip of the iceberg -- there are thousands of people out here daydreaming that they live in Cicely, Alaska.

Damian Macias -

Northern Exposure - The Best series ever!!!
Please make a DVD:)))

People in Poland are waiting for it desperately!!!

Steve Wahrer/ Christine Camilleri -

I visited Roslyn WA this summmer after being introduced to the series again by my sweetheart. Had breakfast in Roslyn's Cafe. What a wonderful time we had. NX is the best TV series in history. It was intellectual, witty, romantic, etc, etc. The drek on TV today is not even close. Releasing the entire series on DVD would be a good start but how about --

Northen Exposure -THE MOVIE. Bring Joel back to Cicely as a home sick puppy who just can't get along without Maggie or Cicely. Get the cast back together in Roslyn one last time for a real wrap up. The final episode just didn't do it. I'll bet if you do your market research this could be a real winner.

Scott Stebbins -

Please, Please, Please. I miss my friends.

Corry Spoor Weston -

One of the best ever series. I miss it so. Such drivel in most of what's on the airwaves now. PLEASE put this entire series on DVD. I will take out a second mortgage if necessary to purchase it! I agree with S&C above. MAKE A MOVIE. Star Trek has been kept alive with movies, so should Northern Exposure. Long live Northern Exposure!

p liu -

i would purchase the collection of Northern Exposure shows in VHS or DVD formats. an amazing show...

j.gibney -

Australia too please we don't even have Video and as mentioned practically every other TV series is available video and DVD.

Hrvoje C. -

Please, please - the best show ever!

M.Valeri -

Please, we want them all on DVD!

scott boyken -

There is absolutely no reason for one of television's landmark series not to be available, in its entirety, on dvd.

Scott Truitt -

Please please please

Martin Sher -

A NE DVD buying customer in the waiting. Get it out!!!

eric froom -

i would like to have some

keith smeltzer -

The release of the entire series of NX on DVD is long overdue.

John Abbott -

I would really like to see this. I bought the vhs tapes but wish I could buy the whole series.

Jan -

Why does Great Britain have the marketing sense and good taste to have had No.Exp. on DVD for at least a year and we in the good old U.S. do not? U.S. DVD players won't even play the British DVD's without additions and adjustments.

I'm impatient to purchase this wonderfully clever, gently humorous series on DVD! Now! Last year would've been better!

Joey -

I would like to buy the Entire Northern Exposure Series on DVD.

Ann Scharpf -

Count me in for a copy.

Robin Skyler -

I will absolutely buy every episode of this show on any video format (preferably something as durable as DVD so the collection can become an heirloom) the minute I hear the quietest hint of a rumor that such recordings exist. This is too good a show to lose! I want to have them for my children to enjoy when the show has been forgotten for long enough to be chic.

Best thing that ever happened to a television.

Susan -

The entire Northern Exposure series should be on DVD

Rajeev Prabhakar -

Please put it all on DVD!


What's going on in that sun-burned brain of yours?
Best series in recent memory, so put the ENTIRE series on DVD. Please. Pretty Please.

Susannah Honeyman -

A plea from Scotland, another land of northern exposure.

Please make available a DVD of the best American TV series that was ever shown - but never marketed - in the UK.

richard -

Yes, Please release

John Mosley -

Please? Pretty please? I'll buy it. Really.

G. Doxakis -

Since no major network is carrying NX in syndication it only makes since to offer this.

john wetli -

it's long overdue

B Wiese -

You will eventually distribute the series, so let us have the opportunity to purchase the series before you sell the rights to a club. They will never fulfill their commitment to you or the NX fans.

R Kumar -

DVD, VHS, whatever -- just release the entire series already. It's a travesty that so many lesser programs are released immediately on DVD, and a top quality show like NX (for my money the most consistently delightful, life-affirming show ever, and one that even now clearly has many, many ardent fans) is ignored.

Joe -

No question as to whether or not this will sell. Release it and we will buy - that's what its all about isn't it!

Harry Radonic -

Count me in!

Ari P -

One of the best series ever made and it's not available on DVD! What a shame! NX is a true classic. It still has lots of fans, not only in US, but around the world. However, the box set containing all 110 episodes would be quite large (more than 10 DVDs, maybe even up to 20). Universal may be sceptical if that large package alone sells well enough. So it might be a good idea to release the "Best of" -type discs for not-so-hardcore fans (maybe 2-3 DVDs) at the same time. This way the NX DVD project could get more attention and it could help us who'd be ready to purchase the whole thing!

Janet S. Hadley -

Please, please, please.... release the entire Northern Exposure Series on DVD. I will buy multiple copies...It is the best show ever made for TV. Missed many episodes the first time around and long to see them all repeatedly...and I never watch TV!


Dave Ahlman -

Absolutely! I still have a few shows that I taped and my wife and I REALLY miss it. Nothing else has ever come close! I would buy the whole series in a heartbeat, but I'll take a "Best of" or whatever they come up with. To the powers that be: PLEASEPLEASEPLEASEPLEASEPLEASE!!!!

Eunice Chae -

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE release this wonderful, classic show on DVD. There is definitely a strong fan base out there because the show has achieved cult-like popularity. I would be soooooooo happy if I could add this to my DVD collection. I am despondent that the show is no longer airing on TV and now it's not even on regular cable TV. If this show were to be made on DVD, the show would be accessible to its many fans around the world. I'm begging you, please create a DVD set of the show, all of its seasons, in completion. It doesn't have to have special features and interviews, etc. We are happy with the episodes, period.

Jeff Pack -

I would like to buy the Entire Northern Exposure Series on DVD.

alistair clout -

Making 'Northern Exposure'available on DVD would be one of the most intelligent and sociologically profound decisions a company could make. Be a company for the people, be a company that gives people what they want. 'Northern Exposure' was and will always be landmark television. Trust me when I say, people will come forth and purchase! Do it for that reason and also for the fact that you will eternally affect the lives of millions of future consumers, cheers, alistair

Brian Hammond -

Please release the northern exposure series on dvd. I will buy the complete series undoubtedly

Brian Hammond -

Please release the northern exposure series on dvd. I will buy the complete series undoubtedly.

Lane Wall -

Please release Northern Exposure on DVD! I NEED it!!

Melinda Mosley -

Please release the entire serires on DVD. It would be a race to see if I could buy it before my husband.

Tommy Monje -

Please release the entire Northern Exposure set on DVD. This is the best television series of all time, and needs to be on DVD!!!!

Adrienne Morgan -

Wonderful idea!!!

I also support it.

Andrew Smith -

This would be great

Marla De Hart -

I would love to see Northern Exposure out on DVD or VHS. I would definately buy the whole set. It still is my favorite show and it will live on in reruns. Good things should never die. You can count me in on this one!!!!!!!!!!

Nathan Bouldin -

The world will end in 90 days if Northern Exposure is not released on DVD!

Rick Obinger -

I have been waiting for the NX series to come out on DVD for quite some time, and now I feel it's time our voices be heard. I would be first in line to purchase such an important part of American television history. I hope this helps the cause.

steve wilson -

release it and i will buy

Diane Jasso -

I would love to buy the whole series of this wonderful show. We enjoyed it for years and would love to see it in our own home. Region 1 would be great also.

Eric Steinbicker -

Please put Northern Exposure on DVD!! It's the greatest show ever made, so original, and I'll buy it on DVD! Thanks for your consideration!

Christopher Schlereth -

I would love to see a release of Northern Exposure on DVD only. I would be one of the first customers to buy all seasons. It is one my favorite shows and deserves to be immortalized on DVD.

Jason Dyer -

I have 6 of the VHS episodes now, but I found a box set with the first season on DVD available - for Region 2 only!!! Why not issue the full series, season by season, onto DVD, preferably at least for Regions 1 and 2. It would be even better if they would be code-free of course, so people around the world can enjoy this excellent television series that ended all too soon. I'm sure there are enough NX fans out there who would buy the entire 6 seasons, starting with me!

Nicholas & Leahsandra Powell -

We'd buy it, even though I have the entire series taped on VHS. It's one of the things that brought me and my lady together, in a round-about way.

Kim Heuston -

PLEASE make Northern Exposure complete episode DVDs available for purchase. I can't find it anywhere on television anymore and I miss it. It is my favorite show. Please allow us fans to purchase the DVDs.

Robert Griffin -

I would love to buy NX on DVD.

David Wells -

I used to be a TV addict. I barely watch TV now. There is nothing on Australian TV now that I make a point of watching. Northern Exposure is the most fascinating TV series I've ever seen. Please release all episodes on DVD. I will buy them. Thankyou.

Charley Darbishire -

I need it now.

Lorna Canfield -

I would be the first of many who would buy the complete series of Northern Exposure were it to be released on DVD! It was a wonderful show; something to be treasured. Hope this becomes available to the fans!

Alan Huth -

I missed watching Northern Exposure when originally on Network TV. What planet was I on then? Some say give me my MTV(what a joke). I say, give me my Nx on DVD!

Mark Winters -

What is going on???

No Northern Exposure yet on dvd!! This program has so many memories for me and I defo would buy the dvd if it ever comes out.

Joyce Brown -

I'd love to own the complete series of Northern Exposure on DVD.

Matthew Isaacs -

Release it already...

gordon falconer -

I wish that I could buy the entire series of Northern Exposure on DVD (or at all). A few select episodes are available on VHS, but nothing close to the complete series sets available for other shows (The Sopranos, The Simpsons, Sex and the City, Star Trek TNG, X-Files, even Buffy the Vampire Slayer!).

The customer base is certainly there (unless I have the economics of DVD production completely wrong). We will buy it!

We kindly request the release of a complete Northern Exposure series DVD box set. Thanks.

Rich -

yeah baby...

Christopher Jennings Penders -

I would ABSOLUTELY love to the entire series of Northern Exposure released on DVD. I would certainly buy it the moment it became available.

Lori -

Add my voice ot the chorus. I would definitely buy the entire series on DVD.

Shawn Stilwagon -

I saw something sad a few days ago. Beavis And Butthead on DVD. Just released. And Northern Exposure isnt on DVD yet? Please release Northern Exposure on DVD soon.

Joel -

I just spent about $75 on the UK region DVD of NX, it is so much better then my old tapes off of A&E. Please release a region 1 version, but not too soon...I want to feel like my $75 wasn't to big a waste of money!

Jean Bassen -

I only started watching NX a few weeks before it was taken off A&E, and I don't get Hallmark channel (as if that would do any good now). I would love to purchase the whole series on DVD and have 2 friends who are also interested. It was a great show and needs to be on DVD.

Allison Baine -

If you release NX DVD I'll buy it And a DVD player. My tapes are all worn out.

Roberta Dundas Rhur -

PLEASE, we want the all seasons of Northern Exposure available on DVD!!!

Matthew Naas -

Please consider producing Northern Exposure on DVD. It's one of the gems of television, and deserves a proper box set of it's own!

Thank you

David Lower -

I am interested in all six seasons.

vvh1 -

PLease release NX on DVD. I don't have cable so I never get to see it and would love to be able to watch it at my convenience!

Mitzi Musteen -

count me in too!

Tammy B -

I would buy it.

Elizabeth Stephens Panighetti -

please put Northern Exposure onto DVD - all the episodes.

Karen Runge -

We would definitely buy it!

Kenny Parker -

What's the hold-up?!

Dana Y -

Please release the series on DVD! My tapes are worn out from too many viewings. There is definitely a market.

Kathleen Edgerton -

Please release the entire series of Northern Exposure on DVD. I will buy it and would probably even buy extra sets as gift copies. I would think there would be no better time then the present considering the success of John Corbett....KBHR's "Chris in the Morning" in the movie "Big Fat Greek Wedding" guess is that he has aquired many new fans that would love to see his brilliant previous works !!!!

Gaz Benson -

Please please please release all of the series on DVD!!
I know loads of people that would purchase the whole lot!

Stan Bentley -

I would love to see Northern Exposure on DVD.

Paulo Jorge Morgado -

Although I live in Portugal, I would readily buy the full season sets of this wonderful series (either Region 0, Region 1 or Region 2), as it was broadcast here at 3.30 a.m.... I would finally be able to watch the whole series comfortably.

st -

MOST certainly ~ definitely ~ absolutely ~ YESSS!!!

Brian K. Gibb -

I would unquestionably purchase a Northern Exposure DVD set as soon as it was available. I have been looking for it ever since the series went off prime time air. Please please make this happen. There's a definite market.

Mark Gillespie -

Please release the entire series on DVD! When the show was on I taped every episode, but now my tapes are all beginning to squeek and lose quality. I would love an opportunity to buy the entire series on DVD, because the quality would be so much better and they will last so much longer.

Chris Shotton -

I am forever looking for Northern Exposure on DVD here in the UK (As well as many other people over here in the UK). I believe that A DVD of the shows should be released before it is too late...

Dont let it drift to long into those "Alaskan Nights"...before all is forgotten!!!

Andy Justman -

Count me in. I will buy collection, hopefully inclusive of all episodes. Anybody been to Roslyn lately?

David Grimmel -

I'd like to have Northern exposure on DVD also.

Dan Phiffer -

Excerpt from an email I sent to Universal Studios last week:
I don't think of myself as a collector of such things, but I consider Northern Exposure exceptional enough that I would spend my meager, hard-earned student work-study funds to share it with my girlfriend, who's never seen an episode.

Peter Wilkinson -

Count me in! I'd definitely get the full collection.

Tony Golding -

How about putting the whole Northern Exposure series on DVD!!

Paul A. Komorowski -

I respectfully ask for the DVD release of the greatest theraputic TV show of all time. We all feel a little saner after watching, if only to realize how less neurotic we are than most of the cast. You will be doing a great public service & geting paid, too!


Nikos Tzetos -

I want it..... wait..... I need it, I need my NX on DVD!

Roger Finkbeiner -

Heck. I'll buy to complete sets.

Ricky Tilo -

i would really like to see this series on dvd...

lauren shreve tilo -

I like this show.

Janine Lewis -

What? It's not available?? Am I living in the free world or what??? any alternatives out there, let me know.

Matt Amsden -

Make it and we will buy. The entire series is a must own for countless Northern Exposure fans, self included. Thanks

C.S. Thomson -

Winter's coming. We need our NX on DVD. I'll take all 110 episodes.

s. warner -

Me too! NX DVD Now!

B Keller -

My mom was a big fan. It'd make a great gift.

Rand MacKay -

Just found the list in time: I'm a huge Northern Exposure fan. I will definitely buy the DVD if/when it becomes available.

Abbey & Alan Hamm -

Please, please, please publish this on DVD! Our VCR eats tapes and we miss Chris, Maggie and Joel and want to see them in a format that we can preserve!

Eric Bench -

Please release northern exposure on dvd!!! I have money set aside for a season one box set - take it!!!

Ed Marimon -

The best series on the best format. There are thousands of us dying to see Northern Exposure released on DVD.

Bob Raymond -

Please distribute this incredible series -- Northern Exposure -- on DVD.

Pere Tokic -

There is a large fan community in germany and they are all waiting for a NX DVD box.

Tuomas Ekberg -

I have first series. I definatly would buy other seasons also.

Dario Zrno -

Even if I have to wait for DVD's to come from US to Croatia (EU) via personal car I want it!

Dario Zrno -

Even if I have to wait for DVD's to come from US to Croatia (EU) via personal car I want it!

allandra johnson -

please release nx on dvd. you'll get rich!

Daniel Åstrand -

This is not just a TV-show, it's a stream of consciousness.

Rick Kalowski -

Northern Exposure is simply the finest tv series ever produced. I would leap at the chance to buy the entire series on DVD!

jay glase -

This show could replace prozac. I feel good just thinking about it. Please get it out there for the masses.

girl friend -

Looking forward to every episode on dvd!

Jason Joyce -

This was an incredible show. They are putting things like I Love Lucy, and other television shows onto DVD. Why not Northern Exposure?

Matt Croydon -

I'll buy them a season at a time if I have to.

Matt Wheeler -

I think that releasing the entire Northern Exposure series on DVD is a great idea.

Anu Sappinen -

This series is a true jewel, and I hope from my whole heart one day to be able to purchase it on DVD.

Gary G. Yee -

Would love to have this great piece of TV history on DVD.

mika takagi -

I will definitely buy the whole series on DVD.
NX is the greatest show on earth! It is one of my dream to own and see the whole show on DVD.

Jeff Clouter -

I would love to own all of the Northern Exposure episodes on DVD.

Finn Erik Strøm -

This is one of the best series there is. I was very sad when it ended.

Kevin Joyce -

Northern Exposure is my favorite show of all time and I dream of the day when I can own the DVD's and watch any episode whenever i wish to.

DT -

We need NX on DVD. We can't allow a program as good as this be forgotten.

ian kam -

why is dvd available overseas,....we need it here and now!!!

Lisa Arnseth -

Please release the DVD of this entire series! There has never been another show like it.

Steve Andersson -

Please - give us intelligent quality in a format we can enjoy again and again!

David Measles -

I'll have my set of VCDs done before NX ever comes out on DVD!

David Nelson -

Please give us the series!!!

Bob Svendsen -

What a pleasure it would be to replace many of the crap series with something worth watching. NX on DVD would do it for me!!!

Anthony Abeyounis -

Please release the series on DVD. Nothern Exposure is the most well written show ever.

ian boll -

please please please

Joanna Hartwig -

We, the undersigned, kindly request the release of a complete Northern Exposure series DVD box set. Thanks.

Robbe Addis -

No Doubt,

This would be a must buy for the "Collection".
Please release Northern Exposure on DVD.

Gabe Craft -

To Whom May help,

We are at your mercy. Fans are willing to buy, if you are willing to produce and sell. I personally would pay the highest premium price for a complete collection of Northern Exposure DVDs.
I am certain someone will produce this collection, I am just hoping that it will be much sooner than later.

I will have my money waiting!!

Gbae Craft

Stephanie E. -

What is strange is that no company has done this already! I wonder what the holdup is?

If the entire Northern Exposure series were put into DVD, I seriously doubt I would ever go a day without watching an episode(and my college professors would be watching them with me)!!!!
NO, I'm not crazy, but I, like many others, are in genuine appreciation of this television series which is intellectually and spiritually stimulating.

PLEASE take a look at the possibility of profit with this venture. I hope that I speak for many in my plea.

-Stephanie E.

W. W. Violet -


Gabor Vadnai -

Can we please have the entire series of Northern Exposure on DVD as soon as possible? This is the best TV series ever made and I cannot for the life of me understand why they stopped making it at all.
It even beats the "West Wing" for my money (and that's quite something!)
G. Vadnai (London, England)

Andy Gleed -

Please release Northern Exposure on DVD.

Amelia S. -

I would definitely be interested in purchasing all of the Northern Exposure epsiodes on DVD. This is one of my all time favorite television shows and I miss watching it. Please make it available to the public as soon as possible. Thanks!

John -

Yes, please make Northern Exposure available on DVD. I would immediately buy
the entire series. This is/was a truly great show.

David Lee -

Please release NE on DVD. It's a brilliant series with plenty of fans.

Craig Adams -

Each episode of Northern Exposure enriches my life. I would love the opportunity to buy or rent Northern Exposure episodes.

Mark Barter -

Its a classic! I would watch it again and again.

marieke van dijk -

yes yes yes yes yes yes yes!!!!!!

Nic Foulds -

Please make it available soon as they only show it on ITV2 when we are at work!

Christopher Davison -

Please release all of the episodes of Northern Exposure on DVD! My old home VHS tapes are wearing out.

Luke JONES -

NX on DVD, yes please. I'll buy the lot as soon as they are released.

seth S -

Hey, I've collectively seen like 10 minutes of one single episode. I thought it was wierd. I would however,like to get into this cult following of NE. So make the DVD's already. Plus, my nerd friend wanted me to write in this post board. Roswell

S. Weber -

Please put this wonderful series on DVD. NE was one of the best shows ever on TV. It really takes me back when I see reruns -PLEASE RELEASE SOON!!!

jason -

Pleeeeeese release the entire series of Northern Exposure on DVD.

Josh -

Release Northern Exposure on DVD now!

Shawn Morgan -

"Northern Exposure" is far and away the best television program I've ever had the pleasure to view. I would certainly buy the complete series on DVD format if it was offered.

Fredrik Siren -

Please release it.

Matt Dallas -

I would buy the whole series if it were released on DVD!!!

Kim Motsinger -

I've been searching the net like crazy looking for anything even close to a box set or entire set of Northern Exposure on video, I can't believe there isn't one (except a small series made for those in the UK). Of all the series they do have complete episodes for, how could they NOT have Northern Exposure!! Please make the complete series available on DVD, I would buy it in a heartbeat.

Kim Motsinger

Heidi -

Northern Exposure is the best show ever created. Please make the entire series available on DVD.


I want it! I need it! I've been waiting forever for it!

floyd swanson -

I've been waiting forever! Let me spend my money!

Bruce Swanson -

I was too young to see the first episodes. Now I'd love to be able to watch them all and see what my parents have been talking about for years.

Tim English -

I'll send the money now... or do whatever else it takes! I can't believe that it wasn't the first series released to DVD. It's only the best show ever made.

Karen -

pretty please...a series DVD

Kelly Marsom -

Northern Exposure is the best television series ever to grace TV's marvwelous screen. Even the minor characters are strong, like Shakespeare!
Everything and it's brothers are out on DVD now. Malcolm in the Middle come on!! We, and I speak for everyone, demand a DVD box set immediately if not sooner!

Erin Coster -

I would definitely purchase the entire series on dvd. Please make it available!

Kat -

I would MOST certainly buy the entire Northern Exposure series if it became available on DVD! I am a fan who had the privilege of visiting Roslyn a few years ago and it was all I had dreamed it would be and more! Please put this together.

Christoph -

Perhaps Brand & Falsey should be petitioned directly about a comprehensive NX DVD collection release. Or perhaps fans should get together and swap VHS tapes of the show, since the rights owners have refused to recognize a golden opportunity when it screams at them.

Julia Alejandre -

PLEASE make the entire series available on DVD. I would certainly buy it !!

Oscar Sierra -

I'd buy not just one, but many nx-DVD boxes if they existed!

Sally Palmer -

Please release this set. I am a avid fan of northern exposure and would love to watch each episode over and over again.

Susan -

I'd buy one for me and my mom.

Dennis Kaiser -

My library is waiting for this one.

jody gottmann -

I would buy it in a second if it were on DVD...