Acts of Volition


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Charlie -

I can see a Christmas morning in the not too distant future when a young boy or girl is overjoyed to find "Steve Garrity Pro Segwayer" for Playstation under the tree...and then compains online when he can't "Seg-Grind The Wal-Mart Roof"...Can't wait for my copy of SGPS.

Nick Burka -

Another killer alt text too.

Andrew -

If Segways make people lazy, so does public transportation, something every major city has... with the exception of Charlottetown.

Now I know people will ask me how I can compare a $2.00 bus ride to a multi thousand dollar futuristic scooter, here is my answer: They both allow some one not to walk to get to their destination. What I am getting to is, there has to be more to this story. I don't buy San Francisco just banning them for that reason... Maybe they wanted the Segway company to pay the city a fee to allow their product to be used on city infrastructure, I don't know...

But if San Francisco would rather every one drive their gas eating cars to work, so be it.

Andrew -

Also, I never really could see the Segway idea taking off anyways...

vince -

Maybe they should only ban overweight people from using them ... and create a 'fitness police' unit that will ticket overweight people caught in the act.
But on a more serious note: Being a skateboarder for the last ten years gives me a first hand experience in being slandered for using a mode of transportation, just as revolutionary as this segway, on city sidewalks.
Even if they do allow it, they will be looked down upon (and mocked) for a while. Maybe forever.
Who wants a segway anyways? Yeesh.

Alan -

Segway will not fail due to health concerns or regulation. It will fail because of rain. Everyone who does not buy a moped now will not buy a Segway as during a downpour few want to be without a roof. Segway even improves on the weakness of mopeds in the rain as you stand during operation. So, either people will have makeshift rain covers which fog up and cause the oft denied but inevitable new breed of accidents or - and I am hoping to see Garrity executing this move - we will see the crouched cursing soaked squinting Segway drivers being splashed by cars driving past them through puddles. Who even wants to stand during a cross town drive on a nice day? Haven't these designers ever been on a bus when they couldn't get a seat? CB radio of the new millenium.

Rob MacD -

He wasn't old enough to say too many words. He just kept hollerin' "Giddy up, go, Segway. Giddy up, go."

Like its name implies, the Segway will, I believe, only be useful in the long run as a device that bridges current modes of transportation with newer modes.
Its technological advances may be of use for future-designs, but the Segway as it 'stands' now is flawed and doomed to irrelevancy. The rain-problem is huge. So is the standing-problem. I want to go somewhere, it's nice that I don't have to move my legs, but why do I have to stand? The Segway acknowledges Man's laziness, but only meets it halfway. Having to stand to get somewhere isn't just good enough for the lazy.
Put the same effort into designing a cool, futuristic, motorized wheelchair (don't call it a wheelchair) that you can sit in/on, and it'll outsell the Segway a thousand-fold.

Will -

I for one, welcome our new lifestyle overlords.

Mac -

First of all, the Segway may be great and all, but I get an awful whiff of Sinclair C5 whenever I see it.
Secondly, if one only has to walk half an hour to work, and one doesn't, then one is lazy. That's only 1 1/2 miles, which is nothing. Now if you had a 2 hour walk from the city centre like I do, or it's raining, that's a different story.

~bc -

The author refers to the Segway as "ultimate American doomsday machine" and deems it a "national threat at least as grave as Iraq".

Although the author may have meant this as trolling hyperbole, he might have actually it on the head. The are similarly threatening to America, but pale in comparison to, say George W., in threat level to the "homeland."

I don't think the Segway is stupid, I think it's amazing. I didn't say it would change our lives, but it's certainly impressive. Perhaps they could program an exercise mode, where it follows you with your stuff (baggage, cargo, groceries, etc., or for mail carriers on their route.) so you don't have to feel like a pack-mule, and still you get to walk when you choose. It would simply follow behind you or perhaps lead/pace you like a smart pack-dog. Give it a "personality" like those robo-dog pets… hey! There's a lot this Segway could lead to!

pt -

i use my segway ht to go 7+ miles a day, gave up a car, saved tons of $ and i'm really fit.


this site / post is one of the best i've read- thanks steve.


Edward Smalley -

Check out the web site to hear current Segway owners experiences and information about the Segway Ht.

segwayer -

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