Acts of Volition


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Jake Howlett -

Took me a while to work that one out. Not being a hacker of course.

Peugeot did a similar thing in an ad campaign here in the UK a while ago. It read: "The new Peugeot 207, it's not just a number" or something like that. The thing being that "it's not just a number" was all written using hackeresque numbers (with a few numbers being placed at various angles). Clever (?). My flat-mate is in marketing. Is this what he does all day...


Ix -

why is it called hacker? its L337!!!!! b4k45. yes they are >nod<

y -

why are you commenting on a post from 2001?

sp00ki -

More like, why 4m 1 c0mm3n71n9 0n 4 p057 fr0m 2003...

gemma -

Who did the advert/campaign for peugeot 207 "not just a number" and where can I find a picture of it?