Acts of Volition


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will -

thanks, steven. now whenever i start to write a post on my weblog or an article, i will hear the voice of george orwell (which thanks to western cultural influences will sound like james earl jones) in the back of my head saying,

"take it easy on the pretentious diction, mr fancy pants."

gertrude -

first and formost, the phenomenon energy coming from uranus is rather exquisid.

Aaron -

I take a lot of flak for using "flowery adjectives" in my writing, especially from one particular friend of mine. But I'll say now what I said to him in regards to Mr. Orwell's thoughts, "I get a kick out of doing it, and my writing isn't expressly for your pleasure, so shut it."

After all, in the world of words, cursing is nothing but a crutch for the inarticulate motherfucker (can I say that here?). I'd rather you use big words and know what they mean than avoid them because you don't want to sound stuffy, or risk confusing the intellectually inept.

What happened to plain old dignity of language? The Homer Simpsons of the world would have us reduce our language to seventeen words, twelve of which are synonyms for "beer". If I want to use the word "intelligentsia" I will, and if you don't know what it means, look it up.