Acts of Volition


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Steven Garrity -

Both from<ul>
<li>A stupid article about 3D web techonolgy built around an argument not unlike the title of this thread: <i>more dimensions, more better</i>.
<li>An intelligent article about 3D web techonolgy that makes sense. Who the hell want's to see 3D lettuce?</ul>

Matthew -

Who wants to see 2D lettuce? Not me. But if I was in to that sort of thing, I think 3D lettuce would be pretty spiffy.

Steven Garrity -

Matt, you just want to see 3D Katie Holmes.

Warning, inaccurate second-hand Katie Holmes anecdote follows:
CBC (or some network) gymnastics or figure skating (or some sport), Katie Somebody (not Holms) is called Katie Holmes by the announcer. He does not correct himself.

Note: I do not watch figure skating, nor was I ever a figure skating champion. Both of these things are ok though, of course.