Acts of Volition


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Charlie -

Bravo, the best part has to be the stick work towards the end. Very cool!

will -

if you like that, i suggest you pick up 80s i got it off a music site months me and i will get you a copy.

Jeff -

Hey man, funny stuff! I may be able to find 1 and 2. I'll try.

Rob -

My good man Charlie has pointed out the url for #2 by playing with the link and changing fight3.swf to fight2.swf. Go see. It's odd if you don't understand the language.

Jevon MacDonald -

Dude, What about Jumping Jack flash and all the QBASIC and ANSI king-fu movies.. Remember "Head of Stake"? hah..

Rob -

Those were good times, bro. ANSI animation is the grandaddy of Flash.

smartin -

hey, I think we've all done the cghs cs course...a little bit of pascal graphical goodness soothes the soul. even more fun is adding loading screens to a program that loads instantaneously...good times, good times

Jevon MacDonald -

Loading Screen were imperative for the proper operation of QBASIC maze games...

Rob -

Eric, was nice enough to provide this link to the other 2 movies. They aren't as good as the first, but, still fun to watch.

Nick Burka -

<img src="" border="1" align="right" alt="don't bring a knife to a gunfight, cowboy.">
While perusing old posts on aov I came across this beauty. While inspecting the old amazing Kung-Fu game, I found that there's a fourth installment, a western! This one's actually a game you can play and it lives up to and exceeds its predecessor.

Keep in mind, 'space' is to reload and have fun!

Steven Garrity -

I've noticed that the link to the new flash game Nick posted seems to have gone un-noticed. Wake up people it rules! <b>Play it now!</b>

Also, big ups to Nick for a fine image and even finer alt text. You crop a good gif, son.

Nick tells me the secret is to "shoot in bursts".

Rob -

I was looking a fellow's site and I learned of this brand new jewel: Way of the Stick where you can actually play as the stick with the same kung-fu moves (including throws).

Ryan Hillier -

There is an amazing similarity between fight3.swf and the new Matrix: Reloaded trailer. In fight3, the guy grabs a stick, and after it bounces off of a wall he kicks it into one of his assailants. In the Matrix: Reloaded trailer, during the enormous fight scene between Neo and Agent Smith copies, Neo does almost the exact same thing, kicking the metal (i assume) bar at an oncoming Agent.

It would be interesting to know if this is intentional, or just coincidence.

Barry Brother -

Hey, I'm afraid your links aren't current, if you're still out there, do you have the other Fight movies?