Acts of Volition


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a weird lemon -

you're a slut, dorrell.

Steven Garrity -

Wow, the replies feature is only up for an hour and I'm already disappointed. Why don't you use your student newspaper for your inside jokes, mr. anonymous.

Oh, and thanks for posting!

A day in Matt's life is like a day in mine, except I didn't go out, or win a poetry award.


A Day in the Life of a Third Place Winning Feature Article Winner (actually not the entire day, just a few seconds)

woman, i do not know="is mom there?"
me="i think you have the wrong number"
her="No I Don't!"
me="'Is mom here?!'"
her="maybe I do"
me="no, no...wait, here she comes"
her=hangs up
me="B_____" by the way, just in case you were wondering.

Thank you.


And yeah, use your goddamn student newspaer for your goddamed inside jokes.

Charlie -

What? No naked swim at Victoria Park? Isn't that a requirement to win the award?!?